Monday, July 26, 2010

Mr. Ziffy's Magical Bus Tour

Well two weeks into the Mr. Ziffy's magical bus tour making him into something he's not so he can connect with the regular lowly Joe and Mary sixpack is turning out to be not so magical as stated by the Sun's editorial board with David McGuinty griping about the Sun's reporting on the cabal.
McGuinty can mix apples and oranges all he wants -- prisons and schools, like corporate tax cuts and home care, do not belong in the same sentence -- but don't try to pass this nonsense off as if Ignatieff has answers.
He's making it up on the fly. There's no substance.
This six-week dupe show is all about Ignatieff's image being in the tank, and the Liberal Party plummeting in the polls.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Ask any journalist on the bus.
It seems like turnout for Mr. Ziffy's appearances are not that empressive either.  There is no Ziffymania and it's mainly Liberal friendly events he's attending.    Failed Lib Leader John Turner got bigger turnout and he was  a disaster as a  leader.  Even  Lib supporters aren't exactly getting excited about this man. 
 Former Perth-Wellington Liberal Riding Association president Adam Mair was disappointed by yesterday's turnout to a potential prime minister of Canada, however.
"I'm comparing to the same site when John Turner rolled in here, the very same spot and it was wall to wall to city hall with people," he said.
Meanwhile Liberal party president Alf Apps is still not  a happy camper telling Libs to take a valium and still blaming the media for his dear leader and his party tanking. As Paul Wells so aptly puts it:
 But Maclean's columnist Paul Wells, who has written about the media's treatment of the Liberal Party in the past, said that while Ottawa journalists are prone to "group think," the prevailing opinion that Mr. Ignatieff is politically inept did not develop out of nowhere.
But then goes on later to state that overall Mr. Ziffy has been getting positive press.
Mr. Wells also noted that the national coverage of the "Liberal Express" bus tour, in which Mr. Ignatieff is travelling around the country meeting with supporters, has been largely favourable.
Mr. Apps needs to look in the mirror it's his leader and his party and about what they do or do not stand for and their extremely partisan tactics.  Maybe it is he who should take the Valium.
His leader is an elite, arrogant, condesending and a flip flopper and just can't relate to us regular people. He is not PM material.
On the other hand PM Stephen Harper is a regular middle class Canadian who knows what it's like to work hard, and pay the bills.  That's why he can relate to many of us. Liberals just don't get it!