Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Welcome to the Socialist Republic of Alberta

You have to be living on another planet if you don't know we have a different Alberta today.  Yesterday's election has given us a Rachel Notley ND government with Brian Jean's Wildrose as official opposition and the PC's got clobbered ending up in third place.  Here is the breakdown:

Frankly I'm glad that the PC's are gone but at the same time I am leery of the ND's in charge.  They will raise taxes, conduct a royalty review, and spend, spend, spend.  Goodbye Alberta advantage not that the advantage was great in the last days of the PC's.  Rachel Notely already indicated she was going to get rid of coal. 

I wish the Wildrose would have been the ones to take down the PC's but still did well given they suffered a big blow last fall with the floor crossers most giving them up for dead. They bounced back with a brand new leader who had been crowned just a couple of weeks before Jim Prentice called the election. They are the official opposition and a strong one who will hold Notley and her novice crew to account.  This after Danielle Smith and the floor crossers tried to destroy the party.

Voters chose the ND's not so much as the leader or their policies but as a protest vote.  Albertans were sick and tired of the PC's and their cronyism, corruption, and their sense of entitlement but I think the straw that broke the camel's back was the floor crossings last fall and calling an early election for political gain.

 The PC's had been in power for 44yrs.  No government should ever be in office that long.  It was way over do for them to go. Jim Prentice picking up his ball and going home even though he won his seat leaving the remaining caucus in the lurch.   If he can't be the big boss, he doesn't want to play at all. It's childish behavior and if that's how he wants  act then maybe he deserved to lose.

The next four years are going to be bumpy in Alberta.  We may end up being a have not province before it's all said and done.  Not going to good for the rest of the country.  Heck who's going to come and bail us out when we're down and out?

By the way why has the ND's wiped their platform and candidates bios off their website?  How about that for transparency?  And barely just elected!  Hmmm!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Prentice Running Against His Own Budget

Jim Prentice is flip flopping on one of his own measures in his budget.
 The Tories tabled Budget 2015 just a few weeks ago and PC leader Jim Prentice is now backtracking on one of the key, cost saving elements in his proposal.
Last month, the Tories said they would slash the tax credit Albertans get for donating to charity and the result would be a savings of about $90M a year.
The government had originally said Albertans could only claim a 12.75 percent credit on donations over $200, which was down from 21 percent.

Says he's had a change of heart after "hearing from Albertans"
 “Hearing from Albertans during this campaign, it’s become clear that this choice was more than simply unpopular,” Prentice said in a news release. “Rather, Albertans have told me it was seen as contrary to our values as Albertans.”
Prentice says they will leave the rate the same and that the reversal wouldn’t impact the timeline for balancing the budget.

Come on. Did he not hear from Albertans before the budget and this unnecessary?    

On another note, Prentice's campaign bus got rear ended yesterday by his own security detail.

Friday, April 17, 2015


What's this campaign coming to?  Wildrose candidate, Rick Strankman,  had to apologize and take down a poster asking "Bring Your Wife's Pie" for an auction to fundraise for his re-election

 Some calling it harmless while others called it "sexist" 

NDP Leader Rachel Notley took a lighter approach, answering questions about the poster with a laugh.
“I think Mr. Strankman has some perhaps out-of-date assumptions about who does the cooking where,” she said.
“I would say that perhaps it’s clear he has a sweet tooth, but he needs a wisdom tooth.”
 I think it is a rural vs urban thing but it is so ridiculous that this would even be an issue.  So stupid!  Desperation to make the Wildrose look bad.    Hey, makes me want to bake pies this weekend! Cheers!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Calgary Flames Play Off Run Distract From Election Campaign?

An Alberta pollster argues a successful playoff run for the Calgary Flames could possibly bolster Jim Prentice's election campaign.

As the election campaign that nobody wanted, progresses, the Calgary Flames are in the playoffs since 2009.   Will  these playoffs be a distraction for voters from the election? 
  One thing both pollsters and politicians can agree upon is to not make calls on game nights.
"We won't halt calling, but we will go around it ... because it can produce a lot of anger if you call in the middle of a hockey game," says Cameron. 
"And when people are really excited about hockey they're paying attention to that and they're irritated by talking about politics."
By the way the Flames won game one last night against the Vancouver Canucks, 2-1.  Go Flames!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Wildrose Economic Plan


 Leader Brian Jean presented the Wildrose's economic plan today.  They claim they can balance the provincial budget by 2017 without raising taxes.
“Our plan is sensible, modest, protects families from dangerous PC tax increases and restores jobs, growth and prosperity,” Jean said.  “We will show real leadership from the top, trim PC waste and entitlements and shrink the size of government without hurting front line services.”
Highlights of the budget plan include:
-  Reduce Government of Alberta (GoA) managerial ranks by 33 per cent
- Reduce AHS managers and consultants by 50 per cent
-  Reduce GoA travel, advertising and conference budgets by 50 per cent
-  Limit public executive pay
- Roll back Cabinet and MLA pay raises and reduce expenses
-  Eliminate corporate grant subsidies
-  Reinstate the 3-year salary freeze on remaining managers in GoA
The spending reductions will result in an immediate $2.2 billion in savings for this budget year, and $3.5 billion by 2017-18.
That's a much better plan than the PC's tax hikes, spending sprees, and borrowing and putting us deep into debt.
The PC slogan is "Choose Alberta's Future."  With Prentice and the PCs Alberta's future will  be that we turn into Ontario in short order.  I don't want that future.  I want a smaller government. The only party that we have a chance at a smaller government is Wildrose.