Monday, April 25, 2011

A Little Reminder

Well it looks like we're into the last stretch of what seems like a very long election campaign. One week to go before we go to polls.  I'll be glad when it's over.  I thought I would remind you of a couple of things to chew on.

In the last five years of a minority Conservative government with PM Stephen Harper at the helm, they've gotten quite a few accomplishments under their belt even with all the obstacles. Sandy from Cruxofthematter has done such an awesome job putting these together.  Just think about all that could be done with a majority.

Don't forget too  that if the Conservatives fall shy of a majority next week there will most likely be a coalition of the Liberals,NDP,and the Bloc with either Jack Layton or Michael Ignatieff at the helm.  Policies that they would bring in would do Canada in. 
Weigh everything carefully. Don't take anything for granted.    To fellow Conservatives, make sure you all go out and do what you can to help your local candidate. There is still much work to do, it's not over yet.  Above all go out and exercise your right to vote.