Tuesday, May 11, 2010

D-Day for Afghan Detainee Document Agreement

Today is the day where all parties must come to an agreement for releasing of Afghan detainee documents that Peter Milliken two weeks ago made in his ruling or the government could face "contempt of parliament" and possibly an election. Apparently the Dippers even have a motion in their back pocket.
OTTAWA -- The New Democratic Party has a contempt motion in its back pocket, but government and opposition MPs all struck fairly conciliatory tones Monday, the eve of Speaker Peter Milliken's two-week deadline to work out a deal giving MPs access to uncensored Afghan detainee documents.
The opposition care about and want to coddle those barbarians who set IEDs that kill our troops and those of our allies.
These are the kind of people the opposition want to protect? From AFP
HERAT, Afghanistan — US and Afghan forces killed 10 Taliban militants in a raid in western Afghanistan after the insurgents beheaded four guards working for the US military, the Afghan army said Sunday
Looks like those insurgents didn't care about Geneva Conventions or anything of the like. BTW I haven't heard this story at all in any of our media.
The protection of our troops and our allies are of the most importance. I am very leery of opposition getting to see sensitive documents that if leaked could very well put in jeopardy the relationship with our NATO allies not to mention everyone's safety. Look, a week ago Mr. Ziffy proved he can't be trusted with certain issues and circumstances that should be kept confidential when he was consulted on the next GG. He just had to make it a media event. How would having him or any of his MPs seeing secret sensitive files be any different? I bet it would be leaked in short order to the media and Ms. Kady would have the full documents posted on the CBC website.
For heavens sake, all this over the testimony of accusations of alleged torture. The testimony of a diplomat( Richard Colvin) whose credibility is in question when he was contradicted over and over again by credible sources like former General Rick Hillier. and the alleged shoe throwing at a detainee who are our troops quickly rescued from the shoe throwers. Up until now, there has been no credible evidence of torture or cover up etc. and this is costing us how much?
The way I see it, it's all about political games on the part of the opposition and the media to make the government look bad on the lives of our brave men and women in uniform. I'm with the government protecting our troops and our allies.
Election if need be. The opposition parties would pay for it at the polls, I'm sure of it. Now the opposition wants more time. Funny isn't it now, that it's the opposition anxious for extension and not the government. You would normally think it would be the government looking buy more time. Me thinks they're trying to avoid facing the electorate.