Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Is Ann Romney,the Secret Weapon?


 I  tuned in last night and listened to the GOP convention speeches.  The one I was most impressed with was Mitt Romney's wife Ann.  Beautiful,smart and articulate.

  Ann Romney could be Mitt's and the GOP's secret weapon. 
 TAMPA, FL -- If the knock against Mitt Romney is that he's too rich and rigid, then his wife is perhaps the Republican's best weapon to change peoples' minds.

Kinda reminds me of Laureen Harper our secret weapon and like Ann Romney, beautiful,smart and articulate.

If Mitt Romney is propelled into the White House, he will have his wife to thank! It will be because of her.  I believe. Besides I'm sure she will remind him to keep his promise and approve the Keystone XL pipeline, something that's important for the  both US and Canada.

If you missed it, watch Ann Romney's speech below.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Should have the Liberals Allowed Senator Joyce Fairbairn Vote Last Session?


Senator Joyce Fairbairn was diagnosed with dementia way back in Feburary but the Liberal leadership aware of her condition allowed her to continue on with her duties in the Senate chamber. 

 OTTAWA — The Liberal leadership in the Senate allowed a veteran senator to vote on legislation and spend public dollars for four months after she was diagnosed with dementia and declared legally incompetent.
Sen. Joyce Fairbairn regularly attended Senate sittings and voted along party lines before the Upper Chamber rose for the summer at the end of June.
Fairbairn was diagnosed with dementia of the Alzheimer’s type by her geriatric psychiatrist in February, according to a letter sent to Senate officials by her niece, Patricia McCullagh.

I feel for the Senator and all people who suffer from this horrible debilitating disease but should have the Liberals allowed her participate in the Senate particularly voting on important bills knowing that she was diagnosed as "legally incompetent"?  

I know she's a lovely lady and it's not her fault but why would the Liberals let her work? Her votes didn't make a difference anyway, as the Conservatives have a healthy majority in the Senate.

I'm surprised actually  that the Senate has never dealt with anything like this before.

It's sad in any case and I wish the Senator and her loved ones all the best even though she's a Liberal. Dementia has no political leanings! 

Update :     
Nice try Warren  from Blue Like You

Warren Kinsella plays politics on the back of this unfortunate circumstance.  (h/t) BC Blue

Monday, August 20, 2012

The PC Gravy Train Just Won't Stop

 It seems like every other week there's something negative coming out about the Alberta PC's that involves some kind of bullying, corruption and skimming off the taxpayer. 

Just recently this summer when you think all should be a quite on the political front, you have three stories.  First the fight over the closing of the long tern care facility at Carmangay,

Then you have AHS CEO Allaudan Merali who was forced to quit over lavish spending.

Then just when you thought that was the end of it for the summer another story.   This time a defeated PC MLA and former Agriculture Minister Evan Berger gets waved by the Ethics Commissioner to be appointed to a cushy cvil servant's job.  There was no job posting or open competition for this position. So that means a job made up just for Berger.  Besides it's against the rules, they have to wait at least 1yr.
A defeated Tory cabinet minister is going back on the Alberta government payroll in an appointment the Wildrose Opposition says raises big concerns over Progressive Conservative cronyism and the politicization of the civil service.
Evan Berger, who was agriculture minister before losing his Livingstone-Macleod riding in the spring provincial election, was offered a contract Thursday as senior policy adviser to deputy minister of agriculture John Knapp.
Knapp said he was solely responsible for hiring Berger to the civil service post based out of Lethbridge — which pays in a range between $120,158 and $157,910, plus pension and benefits — and there was no involvement by any elected members of the Progressive Conservative government.
There was no posting or open competition for the job because Berger had the “exact skill set” needed, he said.
This clearly a slap in the face to Livingstone-Macleod constituents who thought they finally got rid of this guy  (I happen to be one of them).   And it's a slap in the face of taxpayers too.

Clearly nothing has changed within this government and the PC party.  RedAli, Premier Mom had promised this kind of thing would not happen under her leadership. There would be no more "good ole boys club," no more patronage appointments, etc.  Ha, shows how good her word is!

 PC noses are still in the trough taking advantage of the gravy train. They're not even hiding anymore! Enough is enough! Time it stopped!