Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Strong Canadian Dollar benefits Canadian NHL Teams

The rise in our Canadian dollar has helped the NHL, especially our Canadian teams. This comes from the New York Times.

The rising Canadian dollar is nearing parity with its United States counterpart. The Canadian dollar, whose value against the United States dollar fell to a low of 62 cents in 2002, is worth about 96 cents today. As a result, the revenues for the six Canadian clubs helped the entire league earn its highest operating profit in more than a decade, according to Forbes magazine

So for some the higher Canadian dollar is not a good thing like for instance our manufacturing industry is suffering but for others there are benefits. It's a tough balancing act. It would be nice if there was a point in the value of our dollar where all would benefit but where is that point?

More Problems in Liberal Land

Ooooooh..........With more dissension in the party, now over HST, Iffy better be watching his back. His BC MPs are against the HST. He says he will whip his party into voting in favor, will there be a revolt or consequences? Oh, my, what is he to do? Maybe saviour Peter Donolo will come to the rescue.

Because look who's waiting in the wings to take over.