Friday, September 30, 2011

Tomorrow Alberta Gets a New Premier

Well tomorrow is the day.  Tomorrow is when  PC members choose a new leader who will automatically become premier.  The the three choices are front runner Gary Mar, whose actually been in Washington DC the last few years as Alberta's envoy to promote the oil sands.

Second is Allison Redford who served as Justice Minister in the Ed Stelmach cabinet, and who had worked for Joe Clark in Ottawa.   By the way my condolences go out Allison on the tragic the loss of her mother the other day.  I pray God will comfort her and her family at this time.

Finally, Doug Horner who served under both Ralph Klein and Ed Stelmach administrations with various portfolios is also one of the three left standing vying for the keys to the Premier's office.

Not much change will be coming no matter who wins tomorrow. They're all the same. All three candidates are progressives.  The health care system is not going  to change,  education is not  going to change, the way the provincial government handles our money is also not going to change. They'll keep spending.

Not once in the debate the other night,did any of them talk about reducing spending, or reducing the size of government. 

I don't believe they'll suddenly become open and transparent in the way they do things either.  It'll still be backroom decision making like always.

So if any Albertan out there thinks that a PC Premier will change anything, they better think again.  I only hope that whoever becomes Premier tomorrow will call  a snap election.  The sooner the PC's are booted out the better, so that the province can move forward and get back that "Alberta Advantage."


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Next Chapter in the Alberta Tory Leadership Race

The Alberta PC's are in the process of choosing a new leader who will automatically become premier as of Oct 1.  The first ballot was last Saturday,September 17.  Gary Mar came out on top with 41% with Doug Horner and Allison Redford coming in second and third.  Ted Morton,Rick Orman and Doug Grffiths did not do well and had to drop out.

Second ballot will be held on Oct 1 when one of the candidates will be declared the winner.  The three losers have put their support behind front runner Gary Mar but at least two of  campaign managers so far are not happy.  They are not following their leaders to support Mar.
 Former Alberta PC party leadership candidates Ted Morton and Rick Orman have endorsed Gary Mar in an increasingly heated contest, but their closest advisers are far from happy.
The campaign managers for both defeated leadership hopefuls said Tuesday there's no way they're going to support the Tory front-runner in his bid to be premier, regardless of what their former candidates say.
"All I've got is a very, very bad taste in my mouth about everything," said Sam Armstrong, Morton's campaign manager and longtime adviser.
In a stinging criticism of Alberta's former envoy in Washington, D.C., Armstrong said Mar becoming premier will not bring "renewal" to the Alberta Tory party.

 Even some of those MLA's who supported the loser candidates are NOT moving over to the Mar camp.
Despite these endorsements, some of the MLAs who supported the defeated candidates are not moving to Mar.

Will they all come together after the new leader/premier is chosen? Who knows?  But there's still too many "good ole boys" in the backrooms calling the shots.  That's one of the big problems with the PC party.,is the establishment and it's become stale.  So no matter who becomes the next leader/premier whether it's Gary Mar,Allison Redford, or Doug Horner, it will be status quo.  NOTHING will change I can assure you that!

Alberta needs a fresh new start with a new grassroots Wildrose party next election without the "good ole boys" the back rooms and it starts now!

Update: Seems like some Morton supporters are buying Wildrose memberships.
It appears Ted Morton's loss is the Wildrose Alliance Party's gain.
Morton is among the failed Tory leadership candidates now throwing his support behind Gary Mar, but it is a move that is angering some of Morton's backers.
Shayne Saskiw, with the Wildrose Party, tells QR77 news that Mar's advantage in the leadership race is sending more conservatives their way.
He says membership sales are triple the normal pace since Saturday's Tory leadership ballot with 300 sales since then.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Are the Alberta PC's Days Numbered?

 I hope so and it would be about time In an interview with Sun Media, Preston Manning seems to think so.

CALGARY - The Alberta Tories' days could be numbered if a new leader doesn't frankly address major weaknesses and reinvigorate the party, says an Alberta conservative icon.
Former Reform Party leader Preston Manning told QMI Agency on Wednesday he's not convinced any of the six candidates vying for Alberta's top job are going to shake things up.
"I'm concerned that none of the candidates, to the extent that I would like to see, are addressing the greatest threat to the governing party, which is its own long time in office and its weakness in a number of important areas to Albertans," said Manning. 

.  The PC's are old tired, out of good original ideas and they've become complacent and arrogant. They just celebrated their 40th anniversary in power.  With the leadership vote on Saturday, I'm not too impressed with any of the candidates.  None of them seem to want to bring real change to the party or the province.  Time to turf them out next election and bring in real change and invigoration to Alberta.

Another thing, the Alberta Progressive Conservative party should drop the Conservative out of their title because there's nothing conservative about them at all.  They have done nothing conservative in recent years. They've moved further and further to the  left.

  The Wildrose party is the way to go in my opinion.  They have new fresh ideas and a young energetic charismatic leader in Danielle Smith.and Wildrose is the ONLY conservative party in Alberta.

Come next election that could come as early as next spring, small c conservatives should not be fooled.  PC's will not give you a conservative government. They believe in big government.   Wildrose will be your only choice if you  want a truly small conservative government.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Kudo's To David Akin

At first when Sunnews Network launched, I was apprehensive about David Akin joining their team but because of his anti-conservative bias sometimes but I have to give credit where credit is due.. On his blog,On The Hill over the weekend, he gives it to CTV's Craig Oliver and all the connections between CTV and the Liberal party.

I think it's about time old Oliver should consider retiring just like his buddy Lloyd has.  He's way past his best before date.

Anyway, thanks David Akin for highlighting the obvious.  It's about time!  Please tell us more!