Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Alberta Legislature is Back Today


 The Alberta Legislature is back today for a short session.  The opposition will no doubt keep Red Ali Premier Mom, Alison Redford's feet to the fire. There are promises she made during her leadership campaign that so far she hasn't kept or has flipped flopped on.  She's been MIA on Keystone XL and Northern Gateway Pipelines.

Instead of spending her time to forcefully defend our oil sands and the oil industry to strongly push for Keystone XL and Northern Gateway pipelines, she's been trying to impose draconian nanny state drunk driven law and musing about a National Energy Strategy.  that no one really knows what she means by it not even the Prime Minister, It's sending flashbacks of Trudeau's National Energy Program, making most of us in Alberta very nervous.  I hope Wildrose, Liberals and the ND's  will all pressure her to clarify what she means.

So what should we expect out of this short session?  Well the budget will be tabled that we know for sure.  We are in a budget deficit which in Alberta here there is absolutely no reason we should be in the red. The way it sounds we'll won't be balancing the budget for some time to come.

I'm sure though a short session it will be a fiery one because all parties will be in election mode, Premier Mom is expected to call an election in just weeks  Then the real fun will begin.