Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What is Bob Rae Thinking?

I guess Bob Rae has taken it upon himself to take a trip to the UAE to meddle in the spat over the issue of the UAE wanting more landing flights to our airports. What in the heck is he thinking? He's caught the ire of the PMO  and now Air Canada as well.

Is Bob acting without his party's approval? He seems to be at odds with at least Liberal Senator Colin Kenny who says that we should "drop the gloves" and calls the UAE "pompous thugs."
Why would I want to drop the gloves in dealing with the UAE? Because I think they're essentially a bunch of pompous thugs behaving like Canadians need them. We don't, and somebody should show them they can't treat us like the second-class citizens they hire to do virtually all the work in their seven fiefdoms.
How does his leader the Waffle feel?  We haven't heard boo from him.Where does he stand? Does he agree with the Senator or does he approve of Bob's approach? Did Bob get the OK from the Waffle to do this or his going rogue?  All you cracker jack investigative journalists out there, track the Waffle down and ask him. You would if the shoe was on the other foot.  You'd be howling that the opposition shouldn't be interfering directly in  government foreign affairs and crowing about divisions within  the Tory party.
Anyway, all what Bob is doing is making matters worse. It's going to be all the harder now for the government to deal with the UAE and find a solution to this problem.  Not only that but he's not helping out his party either.