Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Teaparty Goers vs Violent Protesters

Who are the Teapartiers and who are the violent Protesters? Hmmm..... Can you tell? Who would you listen too? Who has more sense?

Liberal's Weak Mea Culpa

The Liberal apology yesterday for a picture they put up on the official Liberal website depicting the assassination of our Prime Minister, The Right Honorable Stephen Harper was in my opinion, not a real apology.

"That one slipped by and should not have been posted," a senior Liberal official said.

Later yesterday, the party took down "certain images that may have been offensive to some viewers" and is now reviewing entries before posting them online. "We apologize for any offence these images may have caused," the party's Web staff said in an online notice."

Not good enough, no mention it was wrong to depicit the leader of our country in such a way. No apology directed toward the PM personally. No mention that who ever is responsible for posted it on the website will be dealt with and it will not happen again.

The Leader of the Liberal Party, Michael Ignatieff needs to make a public apology to the Prime Minister in public. The buck stops with the leader. He is ultimately responsible for what takes place with operatives in his party just like Stephen Harper is responsible and Jack Layton is responsible.

Looks like he's not.

"It's a really, really bad slip on our side and we're fully aware and apologize for it," adds Lague.

But he says Michael Ignatieff won't be apologizing to Prime Minister Stephen Harper because the pictures had nothing to do with the Liberal leader.

Iffy step up to the plate and take responsiblity. PM Harper did last year when his war room put up the puffin' poop pic that was tasteless. He even fired someone in the war room over it.

Btw, I thought with arrival of Peter Donolo, Liberals were going to finally get some adult supervision. Hasn't worked out so wonderful with this latest disgusting act.

Another good reason why Liberals are not fit to govern.