Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cuts Coming to MPs Sweet Pension Plans?

Possibly! We all know cuts are coming.  Seems like the government is planning to go deeper faster. Good news!

According to John Ivison, MPs gold plated pensions could be on the chopping block too
 They need to go through with it and it would be about time. MPs and Senators get much more lavish pensions than anyone in the private sector get.  Feel ripped off?   You should be.  We contribute $5.50 for $1 that MPs and Senators contribute.

The latest numbers show that taxpayers pay $5.50 for every $1 that MPs and senators contributed to their pension plan. Most private schemes call on the employer to contribute $1 for every $1 added by the member.

I can almost hear Lib and NDP heads exploding.  Take away their entitlements?  Oh heaven forbid!   It would set a good example especially with cuts coming to  public service pension and old age pension reform. It'll be easier to swallow if MPs and Senators have to suffer too!

PM Harper,Minister Flaherty, Minister Clement, don't be shy.  You have your majority now, go for it!  After all we MUST get our fiscal house in order and it should include ALL entitlement programs.