Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pat Martin Wants You To Donate To His Cause


Pat Martin is  appealing to the public to help him out with his defense fund. He has set up a website to take the donations.  He was sued by Racknine who he accused of being involved in the Robot call fiasco.   He wants $250,000.   He gave a weak kneed apology but Racknine is going through with the lawsuit anyway.
 An NDP MP is turning to the Internet to cover his legal bills in the face of a lawsuit for wrongly accusing an Alberta company of electoral fraud.
Supporters and friends of Pat Martin are trying to raise $250,000 after the Winnipeg MP was sued for comments he made about the 2011 election robo-calls scandal.

Anyway, why is it up to the public to help defend Pat?  After all it's he who spouted off those the accusations against Racknine.

I 'm glad Racknine is going ahead with the suit.  Loud mouth Martin needs to learn a lesson.   This time it seems he's shot his mouth off once too often  

I don't know about you but I will be anxious for the outcome of the suit.  Looks good on him!