Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What is Wrong with the GG's Husband?

Where does he get the nerve?  Governor General Michaelle Jean's husband 
Jean-Daniel Lafond had the audacity to suggest that the Queen shouldn't stay at Rideau Hall but should instead stay at hotel.  Was she supposed to find a room at the Travelodge or Super 8?
OTTAWA – Jean-Daniel Lafond didn’t want the Queen to bunk at Rideau Hall when the monarch visited the nation’s capital last week, QMI Agency has learned
 Her Majesty has stayed at Rideau Hall every time she has visited Ottawa ever since before she was Queen when she was still a princess.  
The Queen has bedded down at Rideau Hall any other time she’s ever visited Ottawa, beginning in 1951 when she was then Princess Elizabeth.
Mr. Lafond should have been honored to have the Queen stay at the residence that he was living at temporarily.  The residence does not belong to him. Obviously, he's not very gracious.
I'm glad Ms. Jean didn't have anything to do with this.
 Jean apparently had nothing to do with Lafond’s odd request.
 The arrogance of this man, who does he think he is?   The current GG's gig is up at the end of the summer. He'll have to find other digs.  I'll be sorry to see Michaelle Jean leave but not him.  She has done an excellent job in her term as GG and I thank her for her service.   Her husband, he seems to be a jerk!