Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Should have the Liberals Allowed Senator Joyce Fairbairn Vote Last Session?


Senator Joyce Fairbairn was diagnosed with dementia way back in Feburary but the Liberal leadership aware of her condition allowed her to continue on with her duties in the Senate chamber. 

 OTTAWA — The Liberal leadership in the Senate allowed a veteran senator to vote on legislation and spend public dollars for four months after she was diagnosed with dementia and declared legally incompetent.
Sen. Joyce Fairbairn regularly attended Senate sittings and voted along party lines before the Upper Chamber rose for the summer at the end of June.
Fairbairn was diagnosed with dementia of the Alzheimer’s type by her geriatric psychiatrist in February, according to a letter sent to Senate officials by her niece, Patricia McCullagh.

I feel for the Senator and all people who suffer from this horrible debilitating disease but should have the Liberals allowed her participate in the Senate particularly voting on important bills knowing that she was diagnosed as "legally incompetent"?  

I know she's a lovely lady and it's not her fault but why would the Liberals let her work? Her votes didn't make a difference anyway, as the Conservatives have a healthy majority in the Senate.

I'm surprised actually  that the Senate has never dealt with anything like this before.

It's sad in any case and I wish the Senator and her loved ones all the best even though she's a Liberal. Dementia has no political leanings! 

Update :     
Nice try Warren  from Blue Like You

Warren Kinsella plays politics on the back of this unfortunate circumstance.  (h/t) BC Blue