Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cuban Dictator Defends US President against Right Wingers

Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro has come out in defense of what he calls right wingers fighting President Obama because he's black." He says Obama inherited his problems from his predessor President Bush, and is trying to fix things and it's the right wing racists as he calls them are trying to block him.

It's very telling when a Communist Dictator comes to the defense of a US president when in the past relations between the US and Cuba have not been good.
President Obama wants to open up ties with Cuba. I don't know if that's good or bad but you have this dictator speaking positively about Obama, I think it says alot. Remember when Castro and Pierre Trudeau were good friends, Trudeau was in the midst of implementing a bunch of social programs. NEP,a wealth transfer program that was a biggy especially for us out in the west here. It tanked our economy in Alberta. It still sticks in our craw.

Just look at what Obama has done in the first months of his presidency. He's spent the country almost into the poor house, wants to bring in socialized medicine, and cap and trade. Look at those who surround him like all the czars he's appointed, over thirty of them, in which they are not accountable to congress, the senate or anyone for that matter. One is self-confessed communist.

He has his thugs attend the townhalls, trying to intimate these so called "right wing racists." These are ordinary people,republicans, independants even democrats that attend thses meetings. They come to raise their concerns over a healthcare bill that the politicians have not even bothered reading, like other bills they have not read but pushed through anyway.

No wonder the Cuban Dictator likes the current resident of the White House. Trying to implement socialist, wealth transfer programs, intimitating the public trying to exercise their democratic right of free speech. Those tactics, I'm sure Fidel, is proud of.

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