Sunday, August 23, 2009

Liberals Want an Election

Liberals want to force an election down our throats this fall. But why?
Could it be that for them it's about the lust for power and the chance to get their fingers on our money again? It's all about them, not the country.

We just had an election not even a year ago. We've had so many elections in the past five years, it almost makes it an annual event. But at the cost of 300 million dollars each time? For what kind of results in the end? According to most polls lately the results would be more or less the same, so what's the point? That money could be well better spent.

What pressing issue is it worth going to the polls for? The only pressing issue at least for Liberal leader Micheal Ignatieff, is EI reform. 36o hours eligibility. Give me a break. That's pretty a pretty weak issue to force an election over when our unemployment rate has held steady at 8.6% for the last two months GM and Chrysler just announced they'll be calling back some of their layed off workers soon. The government has promised EI reform this fall. So that issue kinda falls flat.

The economy according to more and more economists and experts is that we have bottomed out now and are going to start to recover shortly.

Another good reason that the Liberals shouldn't force an election on us is that they are just not ready. L.Ian MacDonald in his column today explains why. One reason is that Michael Ignateiff's summer has been a dud. He says "They don't have a program or a strong ground game, they don't have a message, and their leader Michael Ignatieff doesn't have a narrative"

So Liberals don't force another election on us. We are voter fatigued. No wonder the turn out is gradually getting lower with each passing election. Too many of them in such a short period.
Anyway the country is hummin' along quite nicely right now when you compare it to other countries especially the US with Obama and the Democrats in charge.

We are better off under the leadership of PM Harper and his goverment right now. They've been steady at the wheel during these trubulent times. Let's stay the course. Now, does that not make sense?

You be the judge!

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