Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Liberals Better think Twice

Liberals have indicated they can no longer support the government so they will vote against them from now on. They will bring the Conservative government down at the first opportunity.

Are they going to vote against the Ways and Means motion around Sept. 14? That motion is to make the Home Reno Tax Credit into law and is very popular. Are they going to bring in non-confidence motion a fews weeks later?

Well maybe they should think twice. If the lastest poll is to be believed, the Liberals are losing ground. In the lastest Strategic Counsell poll it puts the Liberals 5 points behind the Tories nationally and in Quebec their numbers are slipping.

Even more they should pay attention to Norman Spector's lastest comments on their prospects in La Belle province. Not good!

They also released their pre-election ads. Fell flat. Will they or won't they?
This poll and the reaction to the ads better give them pause, especially if they hang their hopes on Quebec to get them back into power.

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