Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Alberta's Wildrose about to Bloom

I want to congratulate Danielle Smith for becoming the new leader of the Wildrose Alliance party. She's bright, articulate, photogenic and very media savvy. I believe she is the one to take the party to next level. From fringe to mainstream to government.

The current Progressive Conservative government is old, tired, and has lost it's way. There is no more conservative in the PC government. On the other hand the Wildrose Alliance is new, fresh, and does offer a real conservative alternative.

The WAP has come a fair bit in such a short time. Just a couple of years ago two small parties came together and decided to get hitched.

From placing in the single digits last provincial election, they now enjoy sitting in second place behind the PC's and above the Liberals and the ND's. A month ago in Calgary-Glenmore, a riding that has been strong hold for the PC's since 1971 Paul Hinman easily defeated the PC's who placed third.

With the dissatisfaction with Ed Stelmach and his PC government, conservatives are looking for a real alternative. The Wildrose Alliance party may just be that alternative for real small c-conservative to feel comfortable in.

They have come a long way but still have a long to go but with the new leader, the grassroots, grit, hard work and determination I believe they can go all the way.


  1. We need this on the federal level also. There is a strong need for more federal right wing political parties and the impetus to move the political spectrum right-ward in order to counter the decades long slide into socialism in Canada. (real conservative)

  2. Agreed, real conservative, but the Peoples' Republics of Toronto and Quebec would never go for it.

  3. You got it. Toronto and Quebec sure do love their socialism. I personally think hell would have to freeze over before things would change in that neck of the woods.

  4. Hey, frmgrl, saw this post at work, and thought, great she's made it onto the "bigboard"! Good for you, I really enjoy your common sense and balanced (towards Conservatives) approach. Have fun with it. Get a hit counter so you can see who is posting comments.

    Politics in Alberta just got interesting!

  5. Hunter, thanks. I am already having fun. I will consider getting a counter and yes politics in Alberta is usually boring but it is about to get very interesting.


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