Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Hidden Agenda Revealed?

Our PM Harper wowed the National Arts Gala last night playing the piano and singing a Beatles song, "With a Little Help from My Friends"

He apparently got a standing ovation too. Could have we been hiding a Beatle in Canada all these years? That's what must be the Hidden Agenda.

Who says PM Harper doesn't care about the arts?
Obivously he does care and is very talented to boot.

Our PM always keeps amazing me and makes me proud. Leading at the UN and G20 a week ago, now this. He seems at ease and having a lot of fun. He's not at all cold and angry like the Liberals and the MSM have been telling us all these years. Even the media are praising the PM for his performance last night.

I think it's the Liberals that are angry and cold these days.
No matter what you tell the public about the PM being mean spirited they are not going buy it anymore. Especially after last night!

Kudos PM Stephen Harper keep doing what you are doing. You're doing a great job and many Canadians are proud of you.

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