Thursday, October 15, 2009

Somewhere Stephane Dion Must be smiling

Who would have thought that the Liberals could do worse than with Stephane Dion?

They thought, play change the leader and everything would be fine. They would soar in public support and return to their rightful place.

Looks like it hasn't turned out like they expected. Their new leader hasn't actually turned Canadians on, in fact it's the opposite. The last few polls have actually said the public is not ready to return them to their rightful place anytime soon. They are right where they were with Stephane Dion a year ago.
Here's the latest one. Keeps saying the same thing as the others. It's not getting any better for those Libs.

So at least Mr. Dion can take heart in these latest polls, the current leader is not doing any better than he did. Infact the current leader is doing a bit worse.

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