Saturday, October 31, 2009

Steady Eddy to Revive Alberta Savings Bonds

Premier Ed Stelmach is about to bring back the Alberta Saving Bonds program in hopes it will help bring down the ballooning deficit. Is it such a wise move? I know, I know, we have to find a way to get rid of this deficit somehow.

I have some questions that the Premier and Finance Minister Iris Evans need to answer that were not addressed in the article I linked to.

  1. Will this program be cost effective? In other words, will not the bureaucracy be further bloated to look after it?
  2. What will be the price tag to the taxpayer to look after this?
  3. What if the sales turn out to be a flop?
  4. Why not just cut taxes and reduce the size of government instead to erase the deficit? Guess that's too easy eh?
These are some of the questions that need to answered before any Albertan goes out to buy. After all it will affect us all.


  1. Floating ASBs does not decrease the deficit it is a way of financing the deficit ie DEBT. Special Ed and Ilush Evans are taking the province back into debt because they wanted to make sure that everyone was getting their fair share.

    Here's a good idea. Let's give Special Ed and his resident twits their fair share by returning them from whence they came.

  2. "They are low-risk investments," (NDP) he said, "and it makes a lot more sense to me to borrow a little bit more from the people of Alberta to pay for capital projects
    than it does to cut a billion dollars out of health care and other important provincial services."

    Dippers are becoming sensible....yiks!
    The Libs of course, just critical of anything that moves.

    I will be investing in Alberta only,
    thanks to Don Drummond and the TD bank pimping for Suzuki and Pembina,
    I bet many many Albertans will be too!


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