Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Severe H1N1 Vaccine Allergic Reactions

Apparently there has been an unusual number of severe allergic reactions to the swine flu vaccine in Canada. This reported by the WHO (World Health Organization ). Vancouver Sun

Makes ya kinda think twice about getting poked in the arm doesn't it?

Have a look at this video that was sent to me. It's about a young women who got a shot and then suffered a severe reaction.

Wanna take a chance? Not me, thank you.


  1. That video of the woman who has trouble walking has been proven a hoax. She now claims to have been cured by urine injection therapy...


  2. CB: perhaps that woman's story was a hoax but there have been quite a few vaccine related incidents in just under a month since this pandemonium got started.
    There is even a 14 year old boy who got Guillain Barre's syndrome just 18 hours following the shot.
    What I never got was how folks would run to jump queues, practically mug the neighbour or sell grandma for 25 cents to get injected with this untested vaccine before doing any research.
    I work for health and social services and thus, was part of the group to go first. I had sooo much pressure from co workers to get the shot that I consulted with a nurse about it, given my history of bad drug reactions. She told me that more than half the nurses at that particular clinic didn't and don't plan on getting the shot. Health care workers can't agree. Not confidence inspiring.
    I thought about the pressure from my place of work: if they were all going to jump off the Jacques Cartier Bridge; would I jump? No of course not. I look at getting injected with untested vaccine with my history without research just as reckless.
    Here is some unsolicited advice: cod liver oil twice a day (in pill form), plus higher vitamin c and d consumption.

  3. When you're vaccinating millions of people you're bound to have some bad reactions.

    It's like this latest scare about the recalled baby cribs. Yes it's horrible that 4 kids died, however the recall involves 2.1 millin cribs?

    That's only 4 kids out of over 2 million cribs.

    As for the vaccine being untested, they've been using the vaccine in Australia since the spring and no problems. This particular vaccine didn't go through the full normal testing however since it is basically the same as the regular flu shot the risk was very low.

    FYI: most of the rest of the info on that video was incorrect as well.


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