Thursday, December 3, 2009

CBC Producer Mysteriously Finds Minister's Briefcase

Some thing doesn't smell right here. Some thing suspicious going on I say with CBC involved?

"EDMONTON — An Alberta government minister is apologizing after a briefcase containing sensitive government documents was stolen from his car while he was at dinner with a friend.

An associate producer with CBC Radio Edmonton later found the briefcase outside his apartment building."

Looks like some kind of set up to me. Somebody's being slimy.


  1. Robert Fife and his Merry Men got away with it - and what was done about it? They combed the papers for days - looking for something to trask the conservative Minister with.... and who taped the message - a little liberal working for her party and her liberal reporters....

  2. CBC in Alberta? Who knew! How many are there, 1,2 and the weasel of a bad guy KNOWS exactly where an associate producer lives and a CBC one at that?
    Why not a CHED producer or CHQT or many of the others in Edmonton? Why the CEEB? Could it be their politics?

    This thing absolutely stinks and I look forward to hearing more from the Minister. (that has hopefully learned to use his trunk, it's there for a reason numbskull)

  3. That's how the media get their juice; without much of pencil being sharpened.
    Here's another report from Fife saying that China is upset with the PM Harper, because he the prime minister, did not go to CHINA five years ago. FIFE being thrilled that the prime minister was accused of not being there remained silent. Another jive thrown at the PM.

    Five years ago as we all know, PAUL MARTIN was in government.
    Why should FIFE correct the mistake. is because he knows that most canadians are ignorant to figure out anything, to stupid to think and knowing that those canadians counting and believing the media can easily be manipulated.

    This has been the liberal media trump card for decades.

  4. Real journalism in my mind is DEAD. They just go on anything. They don't check facts especially when it comes to Conservatives, if it looks like it will embarrass conservatives they will spew it, anything liberal, they'll mostly likely be mute or sugar coat.

  5. Darn right it's fishy.

    Who in their right mind in this day and age would grab an unattendend briefcase and start snooping through it?

    Here in Ottawa--at least--anyone sensible would keep their distance, call the police and let them decide whether to bring in the bomb squad. :P

  6. Exactly anonymous, that unattended briefcase could have had a bomb inside. which strikes me odd that no BOMB SQUAD was called. which means someone within CBC had to have known that someone they knew would be leaving a briefcase outside of the building to be retrieved without calling the squads.

  7. The Mother Corp finding a Conservative brief case with sensitive data........! How Novel. Another attempt to paint us right wing neo con neanderthals as bad guys; Think of Detainee issue in/out scheme, Mulroney/Shriver and the list goes on. Heaven for bid anybody that believes in true Canadian values of freedom of religion, right to own property, ability to work hard to accumulate wealth, and a better life on their own initiative.

  8. Wouldn't any info found be considered hacked documents and therefore not worthy of inspection. aka, Kady/Evan.
    How many "lost" tapes, documents, briefcases, have been "found" by cbc staffers. In washrooms, in the street, in garbage cans and now in front of an apt door. Give me a break.
    No wonder the cbc are in bed with the econuts.
    Hey, maybe that briefcase has a list of Tigers galpals.


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