Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This Is a Canadian Embarassment not the Goverment's Emissions Plan

This is truly an embarrassment. Diane Francis, advocates a one child policy like China has to combat the so called global warming. That should embarrass Canadians not the government's environmental policy or our so called dirty oil sands.

Foxnews caught it and has been talking about it. Laura Ingram fills in for Bill O'Reilly on this show Friday night. She interviews Francis and makes her look totally idiotic. Here is the transcript.

Then yesterday Glenn Beck brought it up on his show.

Canadians should be disgusted.


  1. And yet she refuses to lead the way, I've even asked her by E-mail and on the CFP site to lead by example, lay it down for the common good. no conviction that women.
    I'll check the obituaries tomorrow but I'm not holding out any hope she will lead the way forward into the new depopulated utopia.
    Family planning is the creation of a racist eugenicist with the goal of killing off as many brown, black and poor babies as possible.

  2. Overpopulation is a much bigger threat than GHG emissions IMO. Yet, upwards of a trillion $ could be spent trying to reduce GHG.

    The overpopulation issue is the logical ending for the environmental movement.There is no hope of meeting targets for virtually all nations. Many will eventually come to the conlusion that there are simply too many people on the planet.

    - David


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