Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Warmist's Credibility Shot

Not only is the Warmist's so called climate change science bad, but the PR campaign has been bad too. Their credibility is shot and they now know it.
Margaret Wente has a great column today that points this out. This small piece from her article:

American climate scientist Judith Curry wrote. She figures the damage inflicted by this affair on the credibility of climate research “is likely to be significant.”

How can our leaders knowing of this scam now (at least I hope they're aware), can go into this farce of climate change summit in Copenhagen, sign anything and spend billions of our money?


  1. I just listened to Dave Ruhterford interview Tony Clement who said the Climategate thing will have little effect on Canada's position at Crapenhagen.
    Are the conservatives going to sell us down the money drain??

    Rob C.

  2. I think you were referring to Jim Prentice.
    I'm with you, they better not throw our money away like that.

  3. I think the Conservatives will do what is best for Canada..their position re: targets has always been understated compared to the wild expectations of the left.


  4. Not only has the science of "Climate Change" been discredited, but also the peer review system. It doesn't exist. The damage to academia in general, has been like a bomb exploding. Bodies everywhere and no way to put the bloody parts together again. Everyone had been shredded. Who can you trust to give you the facts? Cheers.

  5. The Cons are following a well crafted plan that will ensure that canadians don't get screwed.

    By insisting that globull warming is a dire threat (wink, wink) they insist that ALL nations, especially china and India, must cut CO2 emissions as well. After all, it's all to save the earth, right? The Canadian delegation makes it clear that ALL must take part in saving Gaia without exception, or Canada doesn't sign on.

    When china and India flip us the bird, Canada can say "hay, we tried".

    Simple really.

    When china and India flip


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