Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's the Liberals that Need to Grow Up

Lately Liberal MPs have been acting like they're in Junior High. All their faux scandals and outrages against the government reminds me of whiny name calling Jr. High girls.

Yesterday in ethics committee, Scarborough Liberal MP Michelle Simson wrote the following on twitter, “M.P. Del Mastro should grow up (not out)” When making a statement like that Ms. Simson should look in the mirror. Her and her Liberal colleagues are the ones who should "grow up" and actually do some work for a change for Canadians.

Come on, this is the kinda stuff that goes on in Jr. High. No wonder Liberals are turning voters off.
Keep it up Liberals! It's not Mr. Del Mastro that needs to grow up, it's YOU, LIBERALS.


  1. At the end of the next "official" Poll when the LPOC break a new historic low 25% the remaining adults will have a great deal of time in the penalty box to grow up. Until the next official poll we are going to bear witness to the train wreck formerly know as the LPOC.

  2. 'Well, you're fat!' She says,
    in retaliation for an Adscam comment made in committee....

    With defences like that, CS is right,
    Libs haven't hit bottom yet.

    Simon's was a gossipy tweeter mouth piece about Jaffer too, the women embarrasses me!

    Was she one of those Libs parachuted into a winnable riding, because she was a women?

  3. LOL, I can answer my own question.
    YES Simson was 'hand picked'
    to replace Tom Wappel (47.8% vote) in the Liberal
    'safe seat'.....

  4. Liberal talent is obviously fished from the shallow end of the pond. On a more serious note, it would appear that Twitter, Tweet, Blackberries, emails etc. can be a loaded weapon against the poster. Thumper's mom said it best(unfortunately I don't have the exact quote). I refer you the timeless Disney classic, "Bambi". Cheers.

  5. More evidence that the LPOC is now a collective of Nancyboys, busybodies, and killjoys.

  6. Fern - "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"

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