Friday, January 22, 2010

Is The Media Biased?

I've had a real bee in my bonnet about the media and their bias toward anything conservative whether it be our current Conservative Prime Minister and his government or conservative ideas and policies.
This article gives some real insight into what makes our media tick especially the left wing media. Here are a couple of excerpts.

Explaining the Facts of Life - "Idea" Conservatives & The Media

The Question of Bias
"So while journalists may self-report as “moderate right” or “moderate left,” actual voting behaviour is tilted to the left, particularly so among members of the state-media outlet. The professed similarity to the public is in part due to an “I’m centrist” claim many journalists hold about themselves which I’ll soon analyze in more detail."

This particular piece from the article reminds me or the prorogation situation and how the media is handling it. They haven't really given the historical facts about prorogation.

Media facts: History is history in journalism

One useful aspect of journalistic culture to understand is that reporting and analysis too often reflects a “today” consensus, one deficient in historical perspective and which might otherwise call into question the approach some reporters take and also how the news is framed. (h/t) Canada's Journal of Ideas

Here's how you can determine media bias.


  1. Is the media biased? Dunno, is water wet?

  2. Looking at the earth from a global perspective,these jihadists would definetly be right wing extremists.Yet the Left takes their side all the time.Why?One of the fundamental mysteries of the last 5 years and counting.Enemy of my enemy garbage i suppose.


  3. Email the ombudsman about CBC promoting a protest against our government, they are NOT supposed to be biased. See what he says.

  4. The MSM are major corporations. Normally business is all about profit, but big corps can be more political than the rest of business because of the lofty levels they inhabit. At the top it is about globalism, nations and social and political engineering. Obviously, the MSM in Canada thinks that being politically correct eg. globalist socialist humanist is the correct route. The people that own the MSM are directly involved in the above and the people that they take 'orders' from are promulgators of this ideology for humanity. Of course they are all wrong, as they build bad karma faster than Cain did in his day. But I can't seem to convince them otherwise... Like it says in the good book, evil exists so that good can be seen. (real conservative)

  5. Mr.Ignatief referred to the Prime Minister as "this guy" in an recent interview.
    Today I switched briefly from Corner Gas over to the Soloman show and he also referred to the Prime Minister as "this guy" and then a member of his panel referred to him as "this guy" as well.
    What the hell is going on here when it's okay to refer to the Prime Minister of Canada as "this guy"!?
    Sounds disrespectful to me and that shows a definite partisanship right there.

  6. "Email the ombudsman about CBC promoting a protest against our government, they are NOT supposed to be biased. See what he says."

    Hunter, that's a very good idea. It couldn't hurt. At least they would know that there are some of us out here that will not tolerate such a thing.

  7. Is the media biased? According to an Angus-Reid poll the answer is a resounding YES. Polls results at the link:

    Funny no one ever heard about this poll since the media outlet that commissioned it likely saw the results and decided against publishing it.

  8. Media "Bias". Well, certainly because human beings make up the media, there is bias. It will be set by their upbrining, their education and their experiences. Just like the readers bias. Which is my real point. While most media strive at some semblance of objectivity, which by the way does not mean doing a story that you happen to agree with, a reader rarely consumes the news from the point of objectivity but rather from their own biased point of view (and since most of the people here are partisan bloggers it is highly likely that you are a biased news consumer as is your right). Just a different perspective of bias that I hope you will think about. Besides, do you really want the media to report only on things you already believe? I love having my own biases challenged. Keeps my brain sharp.

  9. Contacting the CBC ombudsman regarding E. Solomon, will result in the complaint being forwarded to the show's producer. He will argue, against all evidence that Mr.Solomon is objective, and point to conservative guests as an example. I don't know if CBC staffers actually believe they are objective, or no longer care. On key issues, climate change, gun controll, prorogation, they seem unable to comprehend how fair minded Canadians could disagree with them.


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