Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pray for Baby Isaiah

I know we're all wrapped up with the tragedy in Haiti and the political games being played by the opposition and the media on the Hill. We tend to overlook the things that are going on right at home with regular individuals that are struggling.

Precious Little Baby Isaiah May is struggling for his life and his parents are fighting in the courts to keep him alive. Baby Isaiah and his parents need our prayers and moral support right now.

This sweet little baby was born in October with the umbilical cord around his little neck and suffered some brain damage. Now doctors want take him off life support but his parents are fighting against it. They have been given a bit of a reprieve until Jan 27 to find an independent expert to assess the severity of Baby Isaiah's brain damage. Apparently he is showing some positive signs. So that's good.

I urge everyone to pray for a miracle in this case please and lend your support.

Here is the story.

More on this.

Here's how you can lend some moral support. A Facebook page has been set up so you can go and give your support to the family.
Support Baby Isaiah

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