Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sandy on Judy Rebick and Prorogation Outrage

Sandy over at Just Politics blog has an excellent piece today. I urge everyone to go and check it out. It's very enlightening. Gives a sense of what PM Harper is up against. (h/t Sandy)
Media & coalition driving prorogation outrage

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  1. frmgrl, that Uof A has no clue what about proguing, and instead of his professor telling him" look, what you are planning to do makes no sense, because the liberals from the time of Treadu prorogued parliament over 11 times. so you will look rather foolish rallying on this.
    AA has the years, and the length of time of the liberals prorogation. This foolish student should get a copy of this. so that the next time he plans a rally-research first.

    My husband was telling me tha DANIELLE SMITH of the Canadian Alliance was on CTV Q/P, from what he gathered the host was trying to coax her into sayings things that are not true.


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