Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stephen Harper Hates Women and Children?

The left claims that PM Stephen Harper hates women and children. Oh, really? The Libs and Dippers claim they are they only ones that care about the women and kids. Well not so. They are NOT the only ones.

Stephen Harper pushes G8 to help world's poorest women and kids
"OTTAWA–Canada intends to champion a new international agenda to improve the health of women and children in the world's poorest regions, Prime Minister Stephen Harper says.

Harper is vowing to make the issue a "top priority" when he hosts the G8 meeting of influential world leaders this June in Huntsville."

The Prime Minister's own piece.

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  1. All the LibDippers have EVER done is throw money at special interest groups, shut up money.

    Then when they can make a difference, like vote for changes for Native women (Accountability Act) ,
    they go the other way.

    The very last thing Libs want is for PMSH to look good,
    even if it means going against the very group they pretend to support.

    So they spend their time on the Hill parading out Liberal appointees that got fired, and want a podium to b.... from.


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