Monday, January 4, 2010

Two New Wildrose Alliance MLAs

Wow, two PC MLAs crossing the floor to the Wildrose Alliance to join the only current WAP MLA, Paul Hinman. I'm not surprised. There were rumors months ago. Now it looks like it's actually happening. (h/t) Calgary Sun

"Two Tory MLAs will cross the floor today to join the upstart Wildrose Alliance, which is hosting a news conference this morning to announce "significant changes" to its team.

Wildrose's southern Alberta regional director Said Abdulbaki last night confirmed two Tories will today join the fledgling party."

Will be interesting if this is the beginning of an exodus or is this it. For sure the tide is changing in Alberta.


  1. Apparently, WA now has official party status and now overtakes the NDP in pecking order in the legislature.

  2. This floor crossing has been in the Alberta wind for sometime. I think the PC's have become complacent and took government and the wishes of the electorate for granted. You will note that this "hot bed" of dissent is in the Calgary area. Wonder if it has legs to go north. Cheers.

  3. You can feel it in the air. The voters of Alberta put up with the Conservatives' drift to the left to the point where they have a sense that it has gone too far. Mr. Stelmach's government has squandered Alberta's advantage in a spending hurricane in an effort to placate the social-engineering mob and their micromanagement philosophy. I am of the opinion that there is nothing the Tories can do to stem the tide. Like the turning off of a light switch, the public's mood toward the creeping leftist agenda has gone from on to off.

    I would also suggest that this had better be seen as a warning to the so-called progressives in Central Canada. Albertans will tolerate so much herding, but if the governments of Ontario and Quebec continue in their attempts to beggar this province they may find that we will kick off the traces in a flash. And the break will be swift and irrevocable.


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