Friday, January 8, 2010

What Are They Up To?

I have gnawing feeling that the opposition and the MSM are up to something and it ain't any good.
As noted by Alberta Girl at BLY. (h/t) Bluelikeyou

"Alberta Girl says:

“She was on t.v. last night and said the one big rally against our PM would be at McMaster University in Hamilton”

Something smells..

Iggy annouces “University Tour”

Iggy tells us Canadians want an alternative

The media become cheeleaders for a facebook group telling Canadians that we are MAD over this and the FB group is proof.

Jack telling those on a taped phone call to use social media, to start rallies, to use the media to give credence to the Coalition.

Iggy and Jack are out of the country on this one so it doesn’t appear like it comes from the “Coalition”

Gilles is laying low

The rallies on the 23rd will be full of students (cause they have them on campuses – organized by those that Jack tried to get to organize last year) and the media will point to them as evidence that Canadians want change.

My take – on Jan 25 – when Iggy has told his MP’s to get to work – the Coalition rises and asks the GG to let them govern."

I happen to agree. The lefty MSM, the left opposition and their supporters hate PM Harper and his government, they would do anything to defeat him.

The latest frenzy about the prorogration in the media and the lefty supporters for instance, I believe is just a diversion. Prime Ministers in the past have prorogued parliament but was there so called outrage then? No! Liberal PMs used it at their discretion. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it. Infact, PM Chretien used it 4 times. Was there outrage? No! But now that PM Harper does it, he's a dictator, despot etc. Where was the MSM and the so called anti-prorogation people then? All were quiet as church mice.

The hypocrisy is unreal. The hate is so obvious.

The coalition is alive and well. I believe it's being aided and abetted by the MSM.

The PM and his caucus should take the high road just keep their noses to the ground keep working on behalf of all of us. The MSM and the lefty opposition and their supporters will end up looking foolish once again with all their games and shenanigans.

There, good, got something off my chest. Cheers!


  1. You are correct. We are planning a coup. We will topple the government and immediately ban apple pie. You've been warned.

    Signed- the vast left wing conspiracy

  2. Anonymous, grow up. The antics of you lefties is childish and selfish. What a poor example to set for our children. It teaches them if kick and scream loud enough, they'll get their way.
    Sorry that's not the way real life works.

  3. Jokes aside anonymous, when speculation almost becomes reality,as the coalition proved last time, who is really the conspiracy theorist?

  4. '...on Jan 25 – when Iggy has told his MP’s to get to work – the Coalition rises and asks the GG to let them govern...'

    Even if the GG did risk a constitutional crisis by NOT getting advice for the Crowns First Minister, (PMSH),
    the first option to govern is given to the party that won the previous govt, which again is PMSH.
    Harper would ask for, and get, an election.
    The Opps would have committed themselves to a coalition.

    PMSH also has the option to go over the GGs head and request council from the Queen,
    who would definitely dissolve parliament and give PMSH an election.

    But I do agree that the LibDippers are attempting to make a Coalition more pallatable to Canadians.

    I have no problem with a coalition IF Iffy wins a minority and asks the Dippers to join him in a majority.
    That is a fair fight.
    Stealing, seizing govt and tricking Canadians is NOT.

    Iffy has already said that he would go into an arrangement, but NOT if he wins govt (minority or majority)
    So the Dippers are being, as usual, used by the Libs.

  5. It wouldnt surprise me in the least if Lefties were up to something.Their messiah south of us is a bust at best,and many americans are calling him on it.I dont remember any outrage at the Liberals in power earlier this decade and we had the blogs then too.Let em protest.Its not going to change my vote.As a matter of fact ,if they keep it up ill be voting Conservative again in 2012 too!LOL!


  6. There is nothing to fear from a coalition,
    done the proper way, up front, for Canadians to make an informed decision.

    A LibDipperGreen coalition would be environment driven,
    and create the biggest unity battle in history.

    So I say, bring it on.

    Geeeee, seems another oil refinery in Quebec is shutting down, lots of job losses......
    don't mess with our oil & gas industry !!!

  7. Dear Conservative Candidates,

    The Liberal and Dipper MPs have given you the chance of a lifetime.

    They are going to Ottawa come Jan 25,to talk to each other,
    tho Parliament is prorogued.

    Terrific time to hold town hall meetings in your constituency....get media coverage, make some noise in your ridings!!
    Have some fun sponsoring tobagan fund raisers for a local charity....etc.

    Get out there, get visible!!!

  8. What a great idea wilson. I hope some our candidates and MPs do take you up on your suggestion.

  9. The "Coalition" can only present itself to the GG as an alternative to the current government if said government is defeated in a vote in the House of Commons, and even then, the GG would have to side with them over the PM, who would be asking for a new mandate from the electorate. No GG would ever do that, considering how long it has been since the last election. The coalition is dead, because they know that they missed their one and only opportunity to seize power without asking for it from Canadians.

    Anyone suggesting that the coalition can march up to the GG's place and offer themselves as a government, without first defeating the government in a vote is woefully unaware of how our system works. There is zero opportunity to defeat the current government until the House is recalled in March.

  10. Thank you for that Emisar. I feel just a little tiny bit more at ease now because I was feeling quite anxious. On the other hand, we should not trust the MSM or the "coalition of the losers."
    We must not drop our guard at any time.

  11. The looney left is always up to something, and as always, they are aided and abetted by their elitist, socialist pals in the MSM. I wouldn't worry to much about their hand-in-hand machinations to present a united front against the Conservative government. In the first place, polls still show that Mr. Harper is the person most trusted to lead this country. Secondly, it is normal for people to throw rocks at the government in power and to look for anything to get worked up about. I should know, I hate all governments and only support the Tories because they are, far and away, the best choice of a bad lot.
    In the third place, and perhaps this is the most important, being a left wing advocate means that you don't have the brains necessary to organize a drunken party in a brewery, let alone organize any kind of revolt against the government.

  12. I should have said that the 2008 version of the coalition is dead - because they could revive it again in the future, but only after the next election. And you can be sure that the Prime Minister will put Iggy in a box where he has to explicitly declare yay or nay on a coalition on the first day of the campaign.

  13. Thanks Emisar...that does relieve me a bit.

    Although, I still think something is up...even today, Iggy is saying Canadians don't want him to force an election BUT they need to keep Harper from abusing power by proroging.

  14. They're all scared shitless of Harper because he's so damn good at the game of politics. Make no mistake's a game and they honestly think they're the masters. Sorry kids...your parties will never get the respect you believe you deserve. You blew it bad and keep doing it cuz you're so BAD at politics. keep up the good work're hilarious to watch.

  15. They want to bring the prime minister down on what:
    for getting us through the recession
    for supporting our troops
    for taking our country to the world
    for being wanted by the americans instead of OBAMA
    For doing business with India, China, Peru, Jamaica, Columbia.
    For standing against terrorism
    For standing by Israel-God's country.
    For cutting taxes
    For attending to the neglected areas where the liberals stole from.
    For standing up for our country our flag and canadians.
    There is more.

    The TALIBAN OPPOSITION PARTIES AND THEIR TALIBAN MEDIA (CBC CTV ETC) all want to destroy all this so that they can implement their ideas such as
    taking money from the wealthy to give it to the little guy,
    to continue showing their support for the:

    Now I wonder who in their right mind would surrender their freedom their businesses to the OPPOSITION PARTIES?

    In Layton's communist world, if you are found to be a little too wealthy you have to pay for the little guy. why do think, wealthy venezuelans took their money out of venezuela well, so that Hugo will not get hold of their money for his empire or for the little guy.

    Also Alberta, SASK and other provinces in the west have no intentions of giving their money to the OPPOSITION PARTIES. Not after they have abused our province by insulting her and giving her and the oil sands a bad reputation in the international scene.
    I personally blame the media for inciting all this mess. They are going to pay for it dearly.
    And another thing guys, pray everyday for God's guidance to help and lead the PM through the ' rough waters.

  16. Jen:
    "And another thing guys, pray everyday for God's guidance to help and lead the PM through the ' rough waters."

    I agree. We need to keep PMSH and his government in our prayers.

  17. ''And you can be sure that the Prime Minister will put Iggy in a box where he has to explicitly declare yay or nay on a coalition on the first day of the campaign.'' Emisar

    And when Iffy says 'no',
    nobody will believe him!
    No one will beleive Iffy wouldn't form a coalition, under certain circumstances.

    Iffy was prepared to lead the coalition of losers 12 months ago, we have video footage!
    Iffy would be FORCED by the Dippers that have infested the LPC, to lead a coalition,
    IF Libs + Dippers = more than CPC.

    BUT, the GG would have to give PMSH first crack at forming a majority,
    as in luring Lib MPs that can not stomach the thought of Dippers in their Cabinet.

    A there is no return path from a LibDipper government, ever.
    The LPC would be no more.


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