Saturday, February 20, 2010

Al Gore and David Suzuki:MIA

Where has Al Gore and David Suzuki and others gone? Where art thou? We haven' t heard even a whisper out of any of them since the whole climate-gate story broke. Seems most of them have gone MIA.

"In all of this, some key figures have been absent from the debate. Al Gore, normally effervescent and quick to come to the defence of the consensus, has all but deserted the field. In part this is because some of his own claims – about sea level rises, impact of climate change or hurricane frequency and speed of global warming – are simply unproven. Donald Trump, not a fan of global warming, has suggested that the Nobel Prize should ask for Gore and the IPCC’s prize back. A petition has been started asking for exactly this to happen.

David Suzuki, Canada’s Patron Saint of Climate Change, has also said very little – he is missing in action just when scientists who claimed to know all about the climate need his help. Also missing is Lord Stern, author of the Stern Report which suggested that the world was at a tipping point and unless action was taken “immediately” (this was two years ago), then the world’s economies would be burdened by the impact of climate change for generations to come." (h/t)

You guys gone hiding? Maybe in a witness protection program? Maybe we should send a search party!


  1. Great post. I was wondering about that myself the other day.

  2. No search party! Wherever they are, they can stay there.

    Probably a nicer place than the prison cells they so richly deserve.

  3. Gore is 50 million dollars richer today, will he give it back.

  4. Anonymous said...

    "Gore is 50 million dollars richer today, will he give it back."

    Don't hold your breath.

  5. Both Gore and Suzuki deserve jail time and permanent public censorship for the lies that they propagated.

    Let me repeat that, as I hope warmist supporters read this and pass it on , especially to Dr.fruit fly..You, sir, deserve to be put in a jail cell for the lies you have told.

    Where do I sign the petition to have Gore stripped of his prize?

  6. I heard the bug doctor say AGW caused the weather in Vancouver right now. A thought that has been echoed by Obama himself recently to counter the snowpocalypse.

    Someone must have muzzled him. Its a dangerous time for warmists. If Dr. Fruit Fly came out as anti-canada during the Olympics it would shame the CBC and cut his umbilical for good.

  7. The appropriate answer to your question is: "NEVER TO BE SEEN OR HEARD FROM AGAIN!"

  8. Suzuki is somewhere in the states bashing our 'oilsands' frmgrl.

    Glenn Beck has issued a ALBER ALERT.


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