Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Teachers in Hot Water Over a Dance

Disgusting! These teachers should be fired! If I had kids still in school and they had teachers like this, I would pull my kids out of school and demand those teachers lose their jobs. The teachers, the school and the school board would all have some explainin' to do. It's totally inappropriate.

"A pair of teachers engaging in risque business ignited a media riot on Monday, after a video of a simulated lap dance from a school event went viral.

The video, taken last Wednesday during a well-attended pep rally for Grade 9 through 12 students at Churchill High School, shows students giggling, gasping and screaming as a female teacher receives a strip club-style lap dance from a male teacher." Winnipeg Free Press

Sorry if anyone wasn't able to comment in my last few posts. I had technical problems in that department. All is fixed now so feel free to resume comments.

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