Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why Does Mr. Iffy Bring Up Abortion?

Mr. Iffy apparently wants PM Harper to make abortions a priority at the G8 and G20 summits this summer. He claims he's not trying to play politics or being ideological here. Yeh, right! Then why bring it up?

OTTAWA -- Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff says Prime Minister Stephen Harper must include abortion in his G8 initiative to mobilize international support for maternal and child health care in the world's poorest countries.

Mr. Ignatieff told reporters yesterday that there is no direct evidence that Mr. Harper's initiative would specifically exclude abortion. "We just want to lay down a marker that we hope they don't go there," he said.


"This is the last place to start playing politics here and ideology here. Women are entitled to the full gamut of reproductive health services and that includes termination of pregnancy and contraception." (h/t) National Post

I think that's exactly what he's trying to do. He wants to bring back the old tired hidden agenda fear and smear card again. He's even bringing George Bush into it. Boy that's another old one.

Mr. Ignatieff noted that in the United States, the administration of president George W. Bush prevented aid money from going to organizations that supported abortion.

Here's what the PMO said.
“Saving lives of mothers and children should not be a political football,” said Mr. Harper's press secretary, Dimitri Soudas. “This has nothing to do with abortion. This has nothing to do with gay marriage. This had nothing to do with capital punishment.”
He called Mr. Ignatieff's remarks “sad.”
“Far too many lives have already been lost for want of relatively simple health-care necessities such as clean water, inoculation, better nutrition, or well-trained health care workers,” Mr. Soudas said. (h/t) G&M
Sad indeed! It's rather pathetic if you ask me.
Mr. Iffy accuses the PM for being divisive but I think it's Mr. Iffy that is the divisive one here.
It looks like Mr. Donolo is advising him to go back to the tactics that worked in the past for the Libs but it's not going to work anymore, old the fear and smear tactics.



  1. Iggy says:"Women are entitled to the full gamut of reproductive health services and that includes termination of pregnancy and contraception."

    He doesn't use the A word.

    Does the "full gamut of reproductive health services" include tubal ligation, or for that matter vasectomies? He is a coward and a fool.

  2. I am not surprise at anything the libs and coalition do anymore. It is pathetic indeed for parties of anyking to use 'abortion' to get more votes. The Lord who created life will be very angry.
    This is not an issue to play around with it is a matter which occures between a woman a doctor and GOD.

    This topic so blatantly tackle in public by the libs, is a woman's nightmare who had an abortion.


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