Friday, March 19, 2010

Distortions of the Liberals and Their Media

We all know the majority of Lame stream media torques and skewers the stories and accusations that the Liberals make about the Conservatives. It has of late become over the top and some, I feel has crossed the line. They too quickly jump on the bandwagon about any thing that would embarrass the government and blow it way out of proportion.

The faux scandals and personal smears have become unacceptable. Sure the government and goverment members do some bonehead things sometimes but put it in proportion to the big scheme of things, please.

Canada Free Press tells it like it is.

Disgraceful Liberals lie and distort

It doesn’t matter whether it is the CBC stable of talking heads, the Toronto Star or its subsidiaries and their editorialists or the many journalists so familiar to us all that it makes one sick when they appear on virtually every panel or newscast.. These talking know-it-all types dominate the mass Lib-left “news” across Canada. Their ratio of anti-Harper and anti-Conservative rhetoric is 20 to 1 against. It is a disgusting fact of Canada’s unbalanced and distorted mass media. Since when have this incestuous cabal of the left acquired their self-centered egoistic assumption that they alone and their associates have the sole right to interpret the “news” and manipulate the public regardless of the damage they do to Canada’s societal, legal and political health.

The Canadian media set-up is such that we are so dominated with obfuscations and distortions that our country is horribly sick as a result. How can a society of predominately young people, fixated on music, clothes, personal appearance, twitters and Facebook, I-pods and fixed to the ear cell-phones ever hope to be other than manipulated.

Our Lame stream media and the Liberals should hang their heads in shame! What a disgrace!
Bring on Foxnews Canada! Fair and balanced reporting.


  1. What is most telling about all of this is the part of the story that few if any see. The idea of how liberalism became ingrained in our society in the first place, the same lies, scheming, programming and intolerance which we see coming from them now. Of course in order to seduce us into liberalism they had to tickle our fancies with the swinging 60s, feminism, welfare, Trudeau, sporty cars, TV, porn, drugs and a long list of other stimulants. Seems like the purvey of a dope dealing pimp to me, this liberalism. (real conservative)

  2. Canadians desperately need Fox news. I for one cringes every time James Traverse pretends to represent Canadians. As I watch and listen to him, I often wonder if he loves his country. He certainly never prints or says anything positive about Canada or Canadians.

  3. No profanity. Liberal Media is so awful, it just influences our young people by using advertising, to get their message across, to influence our young people in voting liberal. They only way to counter it is for Conservatives to stand up and be counted. We need to influence society. With our own messages, of Conservatism. It would be good if the Conservatives brought in Fox News.

    P.S. I'm a Born-Again Christian.

  4. Amen,Northwest Tory! Great to know you're a fellow born again Christian. God Bless you!

    The Lame Stream Media is a horrible influence and example for our youth. They teach our kids there are different standards for liberals and conservatives. If you're a liberal anything goes. If you're a conservative it seems like even something like an over due library book is a heinous crime and needs to be investigated. Rather Disgusting if you ask me.



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