Saturday, March 13, 2010

Liberals, Are You Sure You Want Those Docs Released?

Me thinks the detainee issue is about to come back and bite the Liberals in the rear ends. Sure you really want those documents released Libs? Still want that public inquiry, Mr. Iffy? Hmm........... maybe the PM should call one after all.

Government releases terms of Afghan detainee review

The federal Justice Minister on Saturday released the terms of reference for the former Supreme Court justice reviewing the issue of detainees in Afghanistan.

Frank Iacobucci will conduct an independent review of documents related to the politically contentious issue of detainees and give the minister recommendations on which documents could be made public.

Iacobucci will provide recommendations to Justice Minister Rob Nicholson as to whether information would be injurious to Canada's international relations, national defence or national security and whether any such information should nevertheless be released because the public interest in disclosure outweighs the public interest in non-disclosure. He will prepare a report on his methodology and general findings for public release.

"This will ensure that parliamentarians will have access to the relevant government information on the arrangements for the transfer of detainees in Afghanistan while ensuring there is no injury to Canada's national defence, international relations or national security," Justice Minister Rob Nicholson said Saturday in a news release.

The former justice was appointed last Friday to review the secret documents related to the handling of Afghan prisoners.

The opposition parties passed a motion last December seeking access to those documents, but the Conservative government has so far refused to hand over the documents to Parliament.

Iacobucci will review all relevant documents relating to the Afghan detainee scandal back to 2001, when Canada's mission in Afghanistan began, according to the terms of reference of his review.

The opposition parties have been demanding to see his terms of reference since the retired justice was appointed last week.

Iacobucci is to begin his review immediately and although no deadline has been set, the government expects it will be a relatively short review.

"As an independent and impartial adviser with significant expertise and experience in this area, Mr. Iacobucci will provide our Government with valuable advice," Nicholson said.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff repeated his call for a full public inquiry in Question Period this week, saying: "Justice Iacobucci will not be empowered to do his job adequately, unless the government gives him the mandate to hold a full public inquiry." CTV


  1. 'documents relating to the Afghan detainee scandal back to 2001'

    Sooooo, is it still a 'scandal' when Liberals are implicated?
    Or will the issue be downgraded in QP to a 'review'..?

  2. When the Liberals responded to the revelations that they were aware of torture prior to drafting the prisoner transfer agreement with "we still demand a full public inquiry"; there is a strong probability that it was a complete bluff. It would have looked really bad if they back tracked on their demands after it was made public that the previous government was fully aware and decided to exclude monitoring mechanisms.

    There are several members of the current Liberal caucus who sat in cabinet from 2002-2005.

  3. "maybe the PM should call one after all." What's stoppin him my good writer? Is he just as busy as you and can't explain why?

  4. Good, as far as I can see, what the justice can do is exactly what a full public inquiry would do, without the partisan blather. It should save us millions of dollars, but the Liberals just don't get that, and Iggy the arrogant can't back down now, so let the fireworks begin.

    Voters will make no distinction between a judge reviewing the documents and a full public inquiry.

  5. 'What's stoppin him (PMSH from calling an inquiry)'

    well Ross, the further demoralization of our troops.
    The Prime Minister would NEVER do anything that would hurt our troops, even if it kept Liberals out of office for another decade.

    You Liberals can scream from the highest rooftop 'it's not about the troops',
    but they are the collateral damage along the way to trying to hang an Adscam like scandal on Harper,
    and LibDipBLOC MPs just don't care.

    Now, the docs from the Chretien/Martin years, never before public, will now be reviewed.
    You asked for it,
    you get it.

  6. Wilson,exactly right. Finally,thanks to the judge we will know exactly what happened on the detainee issue without endangering our troops. We will get the whole story from the beginning. You see I trust the judge way more than than opposition members to go through those papers. There won't be leaks to the MSM who would just spin the info to embarrass the government and
    Ross,remember be careful of what you wish for.

  7. Oh - you mean the judge is going to be able to review all the relevant documents going back to 2001? Hmmm. At least nobody can fault the PM for going off message - that's the same story today as it was all week. Good to know.

  8. And this illustrates the infighting, mostly coming from the Dipper infestation the Libs welcomed:

    Liblogger posts:
    ''..Now or never. (table Derek Lee's motion) Otherwise, we will do all we can against you too. I told you, play it straight, or else. We know a lot of people, and a lot of things, hither and thither. Stand Up For Democracy Or Stand Down. Refusal to enforce an Order of Parliament makes you meaningless. Makes Canadian democracy pointless. Might as well burn the whole thing down. From the inside out if need be, LPC...NDP, CPC, Bloc, hint hint.''

  9. Here's the thing Wilson, all I care about is the truth. If Canada committed war crimes and it hurts Chretien, Martin, Santa Claus, or demoralizes the troops I don't care. Justice needs to be done without regard to peoples feelings being hurt or along partisan lines.

  10. I went over and read what you linked to, wilson. Wow, sounds like someone is not at all amused over there on the other side!
    Be interesting to watch what happens. Get your beer and popcorn ready!

  11. 'all I care about is the truth'
    I believe you Scott, I have never questioned the sincerity of the 'some' of the grassroots Libs.
    Here's the thing, the good Judge Iaco would never ever see wrong doing and walk away.
    If there is a sniff of complicity to war crimes, he will advise the govt has an inquiry.
    Bet on it.

    I do not believe the Liberal or Conservative governments, nor the soldiers in the field and in Ministers would be party to wrong doing.

    We were a country totally unprepared for the war we walked into, and learned on the job, made mistakes, and corrected them...and in the end, excelled.
    I am so proud of what our little nation of so few has accomplished in Afghanistan.

  12. Now here is an example where the more detainee leaks there are, the less crediable Liberals appear.
    Remember, memos noting that for 3 years in a row, the Liberal govt received reports, from officials in the field, of torture and abuse being common place in Afghan prisons, and they ignored the warnings.

    take it away Boob Rae:

    OTTAWA–Liberals are calling for the immediate halt to the transfer of Canadian detainees to Afghan prisons in light of a U.S. report raising concerns about torture and human rights abuses.

    Liberal MP Bob Rae (Toronto Centre) said Friday the U.S. State Department's 2009 report on human rights in Afghanistan released Thursday is reason enough for Canada to temporarily suspend the transfers...

    Gee Bob, it wasn't reason enough for the Liberals in 2003, 2004, 2005... and just look at that transfer agreement Libs came up with! A real stinker.

  13. Gotta do it fast cause Iggy won't be around too much longer. (real conservative)

  14. wilson you need to write a book about this issue when it's all over.


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