Monday, March 29, 2010

Liberals Hoping for The Easter Bunny

 That's the way Don Martin  describes the Liberal's weekend Thinkers Conference. He is not exactly known to be a Harper Conservative fan.  He rips the Liberals apart more or less stating that the weekend  was a failure. The speakers  were full of doom and gloom and offered unrealistic if not impossible solutions.


  1. It was most enjoyable for listen to those invited thinkers to tell Liberals 'they' were responsible for the mess in healthcare and the environment,
    and losing their soul to retail politics.

    Was our national media listening?
    Do they LibLuvin media realize that they greased the skids on gotcha politics?

  2. Was our national media listening?
    Do they LibLuvin media realize that they greased the skids on gotcha politics?

    Wilson, as far as the gotcha' politics, I wouldn't be too sure that the MSM has got it just yet anyway. They still love their Libs just disappointed in them right now and I think will do anything to help them out. Yes, even if it means engaging in the gotcha' stuff.
    Desperate times call for desperate measures by desperate people.

  3. There are media and shills out there that have vowed fealty to the LPC for life.
    If they express outrage it will be at conservatives for not playing fair or the other opps parties for not getting in line (behind the liberals).
    If they are disappointed it wont be expressed by taking a good long look at their policies, or the way in which they grabbed onto them because they (like a lounge lizard latching on to a good pickup line) thought they would get lucky with the voters, no they will express their disappointment by helping to arrange a coup to dump a sitting leader and replace him with the next flavour of the month.
    Franco proffesors not working too well, so they try some egghead from Harvard. When that doesn't work it'll be a choice of a couple of Adscam Quebec MP's, a failed provincial premier, or the son of a late PM that thinks he's entitled to the job.
    And the problem still lingers.
    When the election comes and the liberal candidate comes knocking at your door they can't answer the inevitable question:

    "So, tell me, just what is it you guys want to do if you form government"

    They tell the voter the truth, the door is slammed in their face, they lie, they get laughed at, they go with the old "Harper scary" they get laughed at harder.

    Sucks to be them.


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