Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Senate Free Speech Inquiry

SNL pushes revolting Sara...

As I stated in my previous post that Senator Doug Finley has started an inquiry into the current state of free speech in our country. It is long over due. I applaud our Conservative Senators for tackling this very important issue that is the the basic root foundation of all freedoms. Freedom of speech is something that should be cherished and protected.

Ezra Levant has a link on his site where you can find the transcript of yesterdays debate in the Senate. I encourage everyone to go over there and have a look.

All Canadians take an interest in this issue because it affects everyone, young and old. It should be the top issue above everything else. Forget the staff members writing good things to media about their employer, temper tantrums at airports etc. The erosion of free speech is what the media should be focused on right now nevermind this other insignificant stuff. Thanks to David Akin, and Canada Free Press, they are about the only ones in the media so far has reported on the Senate Inquiry that started yesterday. I haven't noticed it anywhere else in the news media.

I sincerely hope more of the media will get on board and pay attention and report accurately on this Inquiry and pressure Minister Nicholson and all the parliamentarians to take action on the fight for free speech.

Let's take our freedom back. Let's rid the country of the censorship that has prevented Canadians to truly exercise their free speech and freedom of expression. It's up to us. Get behind our Conservative Senators who are taking up that mantle. Tell the other Senators where you stand on free speech and encourage them to take a stand against the censorship that's plaguing our nation. Contact your MP and encourage him or her to take action. Contact every news media source and encourage them to get on board.

It's in everyone's best interest!

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