Thursday, March 25, 2010

Serial Killer, Clifford Olson Pension Update

There has been a development since this previous post about serial child killer, Clifford Olson receiving pension.

Minister Diane Finlay stated she was "disturbed" when she found out about this. The federal government has now decided to cut off his pension and others like him. Good news. I hope they can also collect retroactively the monies those inmates have previously received.

OTTAWA — The Conservative government is promising to cut off monthly old-age security payments to hundreds of federal prison inmates, including infamous serial killer Clifford Olson.
Greg Weston

I think inmates should also have their right to vote taken away too. IMHO you give up your rights when you are convicted of a crime and are incarcerated.


  1. This is good! It's about time that SOB had his pension taken away.

    Olson has been probably the most coddled convict in Canadian history,provided with a computer, internet, his own web page (since shut down),the Movie Channel, three squares a day, free medical and dental, and the occasional trip to Alberta to find the remains of other victims,which turned out to be a hoax.

    Olson lied to the cops so he could make an escape attempt.What a model "inmate".

    Olson has been called "the poster boy for capital punishment", and I couldn't agree more.


  2. Bob Fife was discussing this with Dan Matheson (CTV talking head) this morning when Dan asked if the government would next be taking away the pensions of people jailed for failing to pay parking tickets.
    A true 'head-shaking' moment for me.



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