Monday, March 15, 2010

Should Canada Post Be Privatized?

The OECD has recommended that Canada Post be privatized to boost productivity. I concur. We would most likely get better service as a result. It would operate a lot more efficiently because you wouldn't have a bunch of government bureaucrats running the show.


  1. frmgl. O/T. you have got to read this.

    Jean Charest's green smokescreen

    The Quebec Premier's environmental posturing masks his dependence on Albertan oil money

    ERic Duhaime, National Post
    Published: Tuesday, March 16, 2010

    'A report from the Canadian Energy Research Institute reminds us that Alberta's and Saskatchewan's oil sands will account for 292,000 person-years of work in Quebec over the next 25 years.

    And let's not forget that for all Chartest's talk, Quebec remains a big polluter. For each million dollars in GDP, Quebec produces 129 kg of toxic products, compared to only 102 kg for Alberta.'

    Read on......

  2. frmgrl, this should get to you. Alberta constantly under attack. DAM PISSED OFF.

    British movie blasts Alberta oil sands
    'Missing Context'; 'Staggering statistics' on how infrastructure money could be spent
    Randy Boswell, Canwest News Service
    Published: Tuesday, March 16, 2010

    "Citing "factual errors" and "missing context" in the British report, an association spokesman said the overseas campaign only stiffens the resolve of industry players to highlight the long-term, sustainable benefits of developing the oil sands."

    The British report -- titled Opportunity Cost of Tar Sands Development: How to Better Spend $379 billion -- contends the amount being invested in Canada's oil sands could ensure "every child in the world receives a primary education," could bring proper sanitation infrastructure to an additional 1.6 billion people and "avert four million child deaths, 322,000 maternal deaths" annually, as well as hundreds of thousands of fatal cases of tuberculosis and HIV.

    Read more....

  3. I think CBC should be privatized too.
    I agree but CBC like the LPOC like nothing better to do than take money from the public to sit around all day and prorogue.

    I don't watch CBC no news, anyway, it is was and always will be boring and one-sided.

    So when Glenn says 'america here's what the media is not telling' and I say 'same here Glenn, same here'
    Whatever Glenn has to say about the media not delivering he speaks for us as well.

    CBC doesn't know how to stand on their one.

  4. Well,well,well what hypocrites Jean Charest and his cabal are! I think Ed Stelmach should call Charest out his hyprocisy.

    Yeh,the other articlle got me mad too, Stelmach needs to call the Brits out too. Sadly our dear Premier is MIA.
    Ed,please stand up for Alberta!

  5. There will still have to be subsidies for Canada Post. Rural and northern areas need some form of communication that is reasonably affordable.


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