Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Good News Story Gone Under the Radar

This should have been the top news story the last couple of days instead the Guergis story. It seems to have gotten hardly any press. Gee, I wonder why. Could it be because it's a good news story? That it makes the government look good because of the good work the government has done handling of the recession and the media doesn't want you to hear about it?
Maybe they haven't hardly reported on it because it might make the opposition and some in the media look foolish for all the gloom and doom that was propagandized for months over a year ago, you think? It could be too that sensationalism and negativity sells. Good news doesn't quite so much. Pathetic if you ask me.

Canada's growth outshines rest of G7

Loonie's slip insignificant as rate hike likely to add strength while economy's `firing on all cylinders'

Meanwhile, the Organization for Economic Development and Co-operation, or OECD, said Canada's economy likely grew 6.2 per cent (give or take a percentage point) in the first three months of this year.
That far outpaces growth of 2.4 per cent in the U.S. The average for G7 nations is 1.9 per cent.
"It just reflects the economy's momentum and the fact it seems to be firing on all cylinders now with exports and manufacturing turning up," Guatieri said of the report.
The OECD expects Canada's economy to grow 4.5 per cent through the second quarter – nearly twice the G7 average. - This from the Red Star of all places, even though buried.

"Canada is benefiting from its past good policies, in spite of the fact that Canada was severely hit through trade ... from south of the border," OECD chief economist Pier Carlo Padoan said during a news conference in Paris.
Padoan noted Canada had entered the recession with stronger fundamentals than its peers in terms of growth, the banking sector and the government's fiscal position. Canada's debt relative to its economy is the lowest in the G7. - Isn't this exactly what PM Harper and Minister Flaherty was saying all along?

This is a good news story that has been buried by the majority of the media.We are better off than most countries. Look at our neighbors to the south, they are in big trouble financially. This story should be shouted from the rooftops because it affects every Canadian unlike other stories that the Lame Stream Media's been focused on lately.

Come on Lame Stream Media, what's hindering thee?

Update: Go and enjoy the perspective on the same topic from fellow blogger Iceman.


  1. Come on Lame Stream Media, what's hindering thee?

    Could be that they are afraid of being fired or taken to courts for broadcasting 'good news'

    I personally think that the pathetic media are no more interested in the success nor the welbeing of canadians. They are more interested in the liberals, their corruption- that's why they(media)fought and continue to fight for liberals entitlements.

  2. This is getting just intolerable. What's wrong with people in this country??I have nothing to do with news, when the CBC and the like have all decided the only news worth headlining is anti-Harper bulls***. Everything else is secondary. How is it that the MSM can continue this garbage and there doesn't appear to be any backlash. Is it apathy? Or is there some backlash,we just aren't hearing about it?

  3. Jen and Anonymous, both of you bring out some very good points. Thank you.
    I'm beginning to think that our media is corrupt and lazy. Yes, I too think they don't care about the country, only about the Liberals and covering up the real scandals to get their beloved party back at the reigns of power again to steal our money and so that the PPG can get their just rewards. Like senate seats, maybe a GG role and other goodies.
    It's like Roy Green always says about our PPG,"They're repeaters not reporters."

  4. continue....

    Oh keep the article with its time date author newspaper etc and file for future reference-you are going to need it.
    Why? simple, as you can see for yourself, how many times has the Liberal media show such growth to canadians? maybe once or twice then toss it into their cabinet for future use. That's right 'for future' use Why? In case or when the liberals return to office.

    Think about it frmgrl, think of the media's trick. They planned to use todays article and today's success tomorrow, to make it as though the liberals did an astounding job.

    Everything the conservatives did good to/for canada, canadians and troops things which most canadians have not heard or are aware off will hear about it when the liberals regains office.

    In other words, canada's success today and the role we now play in the world, thanks to the Conservatives and canadians and troops, will become the liberals success for what they(liberals) never did.

    No wonder the liberals are unperturb about anything it is all taken care of by their media.

    Any country that experience growth like ours will be beeming with joy and happiness for their country. Apparently we are not experiencing this emotion. Sad very sad.

  5. Oh keep the article with its time date author newspaper etc and file for future reference-you are going to need it.

    Will do Jen, good idea. Thanks.

  6. The media see themselves as the official opposition. I'm sure that mMany of them want to be the next Woodward/Bernstein, who break a Watergate-like scandal that brings down PM Harper. So be it. Let them chase their dreams.

    Meanwhile, the downside of their furious, largely useless, going nowhere "activity", is that Harper can keep focusing on the big ticket items. Iggy rarely challenges him with specific policy alternatives re the economy, defence, foreign affairs, justice, public safety and the like. All we get from Iggy is nit-picking of process issues.

    If you fast forward to the next election, Harper is going to have a solid narrative, and a long list of accomplishments that he can campaign on. What will Iggy have to point to ? Not much so far. Certainly not nearly enough to carry through a 36 day campaign.

    A big silver lining--the more the media "campaigns" against us, the more our base is motivated to donate, thus leveling the "communication" playing field. Wait for the campaign, when voters are paying close attention, and airing of campaign ads will be most effective.

  7. Shucks, my next scheduled post is titled "what about the economy stupid", which I wrote last night. It is a dissapointing feeling to write something, only to see someone else write essentially the same thing before you can publish. And yet, you can't get too much of a good thing and this is a story that we need to focus some attention on. We aren't just beating the G8 by a little bit, we are absolutely crushing them!

    This story is getting a tiny fraction of the coverage that the Guergis/Jaffer soap opera has commanded.

  8. Go ahead Iceman, publish your post. The more that good news get out there the better.
    We need it!

  9. Actually, I intended to post it with or without your permission; but since you beat me to it, I'll have to drop you a link.

    The sad thing is that you can write an insightful piece about economics and get 30 hits because the general public just doesn't seem to care. But write a piece titled "Rahim Jaffer's Busty Hookers" and you get 3000 hits. In fact, I guarantee you that some Google search traffic will stumble onto this page just because I wrote "Rahim Jaffer's Busty Hookers" twice in your comment section.

  10. The MSM was courted by the Liberals, made to feel like insiders,and two of them were rewarded with the G-G-ship, so of course the MSM is Liberal. Harper started his tenure with Bush-style press conferences, and the PPG have never forgiven him for reminding them that they are outsiders.

    When you consider the professors who instructed today's journalists at universities in Canada, ardent left wingers all, it's no surprise they veered LEFT the minute they graduated.

    The Liberal/MSM anti-Conservative campaign
    may just work yet,as Harper's base supporters have become disgruntled by the liberalism of the Conservatives, while the Liberal faithful never question their leaders.

    The biggest failing of conservatives,although most of us perceive it as a strength,is our independent mindedness,we don't walk in lockstep with the Leader.

    It's that attitude that makes so many of us successful in private business, but in politics,maybe it's not such a good thing.


  11. I know what you mean,Iceman. It's really a sad state of affairs when scandal, innuendo,and gossip gathers more attention than a good news economic story that affects everyone's everyday lives.
    BTW. Thanks for the link. I'll link your post here too.

  12. Hahaha, you idiots PROMOTE GLENN BECK as a truth teller and expect to be regarded as credible on any subject?

    And keep supporting those useless corrupt and crooked fools, Guergis and Jaffer. Harper just asked the police to investigate. He wouldn't have done that without reason, but you idiots are so stupid you are incapable of trusting the guy you voted for to have more brains than you.

  13. For one thing, Mackenna, let me make this clear, I am not supporting Helena Guergis or her husband Rahim Jaffer. I am relieved she is no longer a minister and a member of caucus.I'm also relieved that the PM has now left the situation in the hands the RCMP and the ethics commissioner to clear the mess up. I was just emphasizing in my post that the media is negligent in not reporting things that affect all of us in our everyday lives that being the economy,stupid!
    Right, Mackenna, you can just keep voting for Liberals who stole at least $40million from us the taxpayer via Adscam, wasted over $2billion on a gun registry that penalizes duck hunters and farmers, balanced the budget by stealing from the EI fund, veterans pension fund, and mounties pension funds. A party that doesn't know what it stands for. A leader who keeps putting foot in mouth. Get the drift? And you trust that gang? Yeah, you just keep voting for them and the Lame Stream Media keeps covering for them. Like peas in a pod I guess.

  14. Morality trumps economy, you even think so

  15. Why are more reporters not snitching on their bosses,or telling us the truth about being told what to write in their columns.??Why do the Conservatives talk to the likes of Fife and the other Liberal puke reporters.Just boycott them and only give the scoops to honest reporters.Then to get the point out that they are no longer welcome on the hill.KICK THEM OUT, then shut down question period which is no more than a pornographic show of Liberal contempt for CANADA..Then go through all articles by these reporters,the ones that have been proven to be twisted and plain lies and sue the balls off the newspapers and put them out of business..That's only for starters.There is much more we as individuals can do to shut these rags down,but that is for another time.For now it is time for the government to start defending itself and maybe start a few ADSCAM investigations.Just to shut these pukes up.

  16.'s like Stephen Harper is accountable...right? AND we have set election dates...right? OK, maybe no set election dates, or an elected senate, but he is accountable...right?

  17. That's only for starters.There is much more we as individuals can do to shut these rags down,but that is for another time.For now it is time for the government to start defending itself and maybe start a few ADSCAM investigations.Just to shut these pukes up.

    Amen, I totally agree with you, bertie. The problem is that right now in dealing with a corrupt media we have no choice but to call them out each and every time their so called reporting is twisted or out right lies. Thank God for the internet and the blogs. It's much easier than in the past when they could get away with their lies. Now a blogger can do their homework and call a so called journalist out within a very short time.
    Here is a snippet of what Senator Doug Finley commented on Ardvarks blog a about a week ago about bloggers.
    "In my view, the unpaid (I was about to say amateur but that gives the wrong connotation) Conservative Bloggers have played a major role in winning two elections and consistently furthering the cause of the Conservative Party in the intervening months. (Doug Finley was campaign manager the last two elections for the CPC)
    So see my friend, blogs and the internet do make a difference. That's all we can do for now. Yeah, the government should do better at defending itself. They need to communicate better. Side note:Maybe Harper should have appointed Mike Duffy as communications director instead appointing him as a senator, Mike knows how the PPG operates and how to get around them.

  18. I think the other problem is that conservative minds rarely see profit in journalism. Leftards self select roles where dictating to the masses and control of their "truth" is coupled with recognition and esteem.

    The media doesn't pick them, they pick the media.


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