Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Watch out Pro-lifers!

Pro-Choicers aim to censor Pro-lifers. First we had the case at the University of Calgary trying to shut down the Pro-life Campus Club for what was deemed "graphic images"
Eight members of the Pro-life Campus club of the University of Calgary may face expulsion for displaying "graphic images" on campus.
Eight members of Campus Pro-Life have been ordered by the university to attend separate hearings next week for what the school has labelled a “major violation” of the non-academic misconduct policy for defying orders from campus security at an April 8 rally.
More here on the Campus Pro-life Club at LifesiteNews
“We shall not abandon the unborn child to be murdered,” they stated. “We shall not desert the single mom in crisis. We shall not allow the evil of abortion to remain unexposed. We shall not be intimidated by the threat of force. We shall not be scared by the threat of expulsion. We shall not back down from the stand we have made.”
“If they are to punish us, then we are content to let history revile them for their suppression of liberty,” they added. “If they are to punish us, then let the blood of the unborn child be upon their heads. If they are to punish us then let the pain of the suffering mom be upon their conscience.”
“So let the university do whatever action their twisted worldview sees fit, for we fear not the judgment of tyranny,” they concluded.
Now the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC) wants to criminalize Pro-life activism in response a bill to ban coercive abortion introduced by CPC MP Rod Bruinooge.
OTTAWA, Ontario, April 20, 2010 ( - The Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC) has responded to Conservative MP Rod Bruinooge's purposed bill to ban coercive abortion, unveiled in a press conference last week, by calling instead for a ban on “coerced childbirth,” and even suggesting that Canada outlaw pro-life activism.

“The entire anti-choice movement has been trying to force women into pregnancy and motherhood for decades, by working to outlaw or restrict abortion,” said Joyce Arthur, ARCC's coordinator, in a Monday press release. “Perhaps we need to protect women from this coercion by criminalizing anti-choice activism!
This is unbelievable! Is there nothing these people would do in order to shut the pro-lifers up? It's OK for them to have their say but it's "criminal" for anyone to have an opposing view. See something wrong with that picture?
To me abortion means the killing of a baby. Tell me that's not wrong. Yet speaking out to save the lives of those little ones is wrong. Something just doesn't jive here. Just doesn't make sense to me.

Update: It's been a tough week for pro-choicers


  1. "Something just doesn't jive here. Just doesn't make sense to me."

    It's "jibe", which means,"to be in harmony,fit,agree".

    "Jive" means dancing to swing music,the dance was popular in the 'fifties.

    And the "pro-choice" stance makes perfect sense, they know full well that they'll never completely win this war,so using the authority of the government is their best hope.

    Pro-lifers should be aware the pro-choicers don't just disagree with you,they hate you. Go to any pro-life display at any Canadian university and watch from a distance for a while,you'll see what I mean.


  2. Graphic images show the truth. Since when is showing facts wrong? Ever see a cigarette package?

  3. Anonymous said...

    Graphic images show the truth. Since when is showing facts wrong? Ever see a cigarette package?

    That's right. Abortion IS graphic and horrific.

  4. It's not the first time Joyce Arthur recommended banning anti-abortion activism.

    Also, her proposal to limit conscientious objection is also fairly troubling.


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