Friday, May 14, 2010

Glenn Beck On To Something Truly Frightening, Concerns Maurice Strong

 Glenn Beck connects the dots between Bob Rae's Uncle Mo, and others on how they want to control you.  He ties the environment, collapse of the system to various figures.  This is about global governance and control.  The rich countries must be brought down in order in order to level the playing field.
Watch, this is Glenn's show from yesterday. Go here to watch the whole show, Therightscoop
He'll be delving in deeper into that topic in the coming weeks. For all who get Foxnews, I urge you to watch his show in the coming days instead of  Power and Politics or Power Play with their biased gossip.This is more important. For those who can't watch, The Right Scoop usually posts the shows after wards.   Everyone needs to be aware of what's going on.  The show airs at 5:00 pm est., 3:00 pm. mtn.
 It's truly frightening.  Too bad none of our media are willing to tackle this topic. More reason why we need a Foxnews Canada.
BTW.  Glenn  is asking for any info you can give him.  Contact him  at
The video below is just a start of what is to come.


  1. From the looks on Glenn's face he looks close to tears, the evilness happening before his very eyes is possible to imagine. We are experiencing the same problems right here.

    I pray that GOD will give Glenn and FOX the strength wisdom and findings to help those innocent americans as well as canadians, see what is unforlding before their eyes is evil.
    Glenn is very emotional, watching him last week weep for his country brought tears to my eyes.
    When he asked his countrymen to get down on their knees and pray for their country. God heard him, no doubt. That is why FOX has become successful because they tell the public the truth and, if/when they make a mistake they apologize to the public instead of finding some gastly excuse to protect their hind.

  2. I noticed that too,Jen. He sure does get emotional about his country. Whether we recognize it or not, it affects us too.
    We must remember America,Canada,UK etc. in our prayers. Our countries are in peril if we don't wake up and smell the coffee.

  3. I think he means "principal risk."

    I'll wait for him to start spelling things correctly on his board before I take his theories seriously.

  4. climatecriminalandproudMay 14, 2010 11:51 AM

    and I'll wait until the IPCC has actual EVIDENCE before I take them seriously

  5. People of Ontario I ask you to hearken back to the early 1990's when Bob Rae was premier of Ontario. The NDP at the time had a hate on for Ontario Hydro and wanted to dismantle it. People in Ontario were paying one of the lowest Electrical rates in the country at that time.

    Anyway Bobby Rae brought in (uncle)Maurice Strong and made him Chairman of Ontario Hydro. He WAS the architect of Ontario Hydro's demise and our current high rates.
    His pet projects (in Peru and Costa Rica)
    were funded via Ontario Hydro with Premier Bob's acquiescence.

    Glen Beck is on to something with Maurice Strong. I read a report on on-line newspaper during the election with (DION as leader of the liberal party) that Strong had arranged for a residence in Ottawa in the anticipation of a liberal victory. It was rumored he would be named to a post to with carbon trading credits that (DION would implement).

    Thank goodness the Canadian people returned the conservatives (even if it was only a minority)

    It was was rumored at the time of his connection with One world governance. His wife (it was said) was into the New Age worship and had her own guru as was Maurice.

    It was said they had an ashram at their Colorado residence.

  6. Anonymous@2:58
    Wow! Thanks for that information.

  7. I would like to make a correction to my previous post i.e. "during the election with (DION as leader of the liberal party" the election I should have referred to was the Paul Martin one called and which Steven Harper won with a minority. I refer anyone interested to view this link although I suppose there are many others.

  8. Sorry but we really don't need a fox news north. It's a propaganda network plain and simple. Invoking Glenn Beck on almost any issue is not a good idea. The guy is crazy, sorry no way around it. His claims like Obama being a socialist, communist, fascist all at once aren't even possible given the differences between those ideologies and he comes out with nutty conspiracy theories every other week.


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