Monday, May 17, 2010

Liberals Pandering for Votes in Quebec

The Liberals want to grant Quebec 2 or 3 more seats in light of the government granting more seats to BC,Alberta and Ontario.  Why, when their population has been on the decline?  They wouldn't be losing any. They are assured of 75 seats no matter what. They claim it is to ensure equal representation. I don't think so. It's all about currying favor with Quebec.  For the Liberals it's all about votes and getting back into power.
The Liberal Party wants Quebec to get two or three extra seats if the House of Commons passes legislation to increase representation in three other provinces.
The Liberal plan could trigger a clash with the Conservative Party, which is proposing to add 30 new House seats in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, but none in Quebec.
The Liberals’ Quebec caucus is pushing to increase seats in their province, and are gaining traction within the party. Their goal is to ensure that Quebec’s share of the seats in the House reflects the fact that the province has 23.1 per cent of the Canadian population. Quebec would be left with 75 seats under the Conservative plan.
 The Conservative government introduced a bill in the HOC to increase the seats in BC, Ontario and Alberta to a total of 30 because the population in those provinces have been increasing.  That's understandable and makes sense.  It would equal out representation. I sure hope the CPC does not cave into the Liberal proposal.

Quebec is not losing any seats or influence, infact they even though the population is declining, their influence would still be pretty substantial.  They get way more attention than they deserve.  It's about time Quebec get the same amount of time, attention, money etc., the other provinces get. 
Quebec should stop acting like spoiled brats and the  political parties should stop pandering for votes!


  1. Actually I believe that the Quebec City area is under represented. I would support more seats for Quebec City. I would also support some of my tax dollars helping to build a new hockey stadium in QC. I like QC.

  2. So which region is next - Atlantic Canada - same problem - declining, aging population and exodus of young people to the West. Power shift of brains and money west of the Ontario border. Wonder if the Liberals and NDP will stop internal migration like the Chinese. Cheers.

  3. The math is impossible. PEI with 4 seats and the North with 3 seats is probably an over representation of 5 or six seats. Somewhere a province, city, region etc. must be under represented. Since in Quebec case it is only 2 or 3 seats one can argue that it is there turn for a while and perhaps in 10-15 years if it grows to 10 seats (highly unlikely) then a redistribution at that time would be fair.

    These people are idiots.

  4. Quebec 2009 Census 7,546,131 * 75 ridings (100,615)

    No province should lose seats,
    but bring all provinces to the Quebec level of 100,000 per riding.

    Our country was founded on rep by pop.
    Once the Senate is elected,
    the smaller provinces will get equal representation in the Senate, and we should no longer protect their interests by over representation in the House... in about 20 years

  5. I know I am off topic - but can you imagine the coverage we would get from Jane Tabor if a Conservative announced that he was being charged by the RCMP - on a Friday night - just before a week off by the MP's.... Can you see the headlines now - Harper waits until the break to announce a month old accident!!! Do you see anything about Pablo in the papers today - or was this just stanged so we would forget about it - being away for a week?... Sad reporting from the tabloid Jane again! Just bash the Conservatives - that is all she knows and prop up her liberal Party leader....

  6. Seat realignments should be governed by rules hard and fast. But in this country it is a farce due to almost ancient politics now. I agree with others in saying that Quebec should probably lose seats overall rather than gain. (real conservative)

  7. Anonymous said @ 4:51
    I know,the hypocrisy of the media is astounding. It's disgusting,really. Tabloid Hanoi Jane is one of the worst in the PPG pack for their blatant double standard. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out who she roots for.


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