Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mr. Z Can't Just Can't Get It Right

 Mr. Z keeps making blooper after blooper. It makes you wonder who's advising him 'cause it sure ain't workin' for him.  He's been leader for a year now and he's made enough bloopers, the Liberal party could make a Mr. Z's Bloopers DVD and sell them  as fundraising project for the party.  Fundraising hasn't been too good for them lately btw.

His latest gaffe was about the GG. and how he is trying to make it a partisan issue.    Don Martin and Robert Howard The Hamilton Spectator hits the nail on the head.

For one who is an academic and who is supposed to be intelligent, he sure is not very smart when it comes to politics.  If Miracle Worker, Peter Donolo or Ekos pollster Frank Graves is the one advising him on this, it's not working.

As Monte Solberg put it yesterday, "Sorry, Iggy. You're not PM material" 


  1. If they are looking for ways to raise money, apparently there are many millions of dollars sitting in bank accounts in Africa just waiting for us to claim. All you have to do is give them money and you can have their money. It sounds pretty simple. I wouldn't be at all shocked to see this fundraising strategy already in use in the Liberal war room.

  2. I really do hope for an election soon. Iggy would be fresh meat for everyone.

  3. If Don Martin is so scathing, Mr I must have really blown it.

  4. Frances said...

    If Don Martin is so scathing, Mr I must have really blown it.

    You bet. Don Martin is no Harper Conservative lover that's for sure. I'm starting to get the feeling, the Lib lovin' media is starting to get a little frustrated with Mr.Z

  5. Not only can Iffy not get it right,
    neither can his policy writters,
    been there done that you clowns!!:

    Ignatieff pledges rural high-speed internet
    May 4, 2010

    PM Announces Major Improvement to Broadband Internet Access in Rural Canada
    30 July 2009

  6. Wilson, I thought to myself when I heard that announcement by Mr.Z, gee where have I heard that before? It was the PM and was included in the stimulus plan.
    Boy, doesn't Mr.Z or any of his people ever read press releases or listen to any announcements that the government makes? Is he out of touch or what?


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