Wednesday, May 26, 2010

PM Harper Gets Top Grade From Usual Libluvin Columnist

Jeffery Simpson is usually tepid at best in heaping any praise for PM Harper and his government. This time he gives resounding praise for this government.   He gives PM Stephen Harper an "A" for Canada's new research program.
Stephen Harper’s government deserves an “A” for the conception, execution and delivery of the program that lured 19 renowned scientists to Canada from overseas.
So good is this program that the federal government should repeat the exercise in a few years, widening the criteria to include humanities and social sciences and insisting that the winners teach some undergraduates.
The CERC program, with its lofty but limited ambition, was not designed to address any of these endemic problems. Instead, it set out to improve the country’s scientific research capabilities by adding excellence from overseas. The process was well-conceived, the public policy purposes important and the results, well, excellent.
I just want to give Jeffery Simpson an "A" for this decent piece where he gives credit where credit is due.  
Quite a difference from Susan Delacourt's piece griping that no women were included in the program.
OTTAWA – Not one woman was among the recipients this week when Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government handed out big dollars for big thinkers.
Of the 19 people who were selected to be the first of the “prestigious” Canada Excellence Research Chairs, receiving up to $10-million in total in federal money over the next seven years, all were men.
Delacourt's piece basically turns what should be positive story that is good for the country into a women's issue and a slag fest against the PM.
Kudo's to Simpson for his well thought out positive column. Keep it up.  It's not very often the PM and his government get positive press from  usual lefty journalists. Thank you Mr. Simpson!


  1. Great news on the story Jeffery Simpson you did an excellent job.

    I wonder if you will be invited on National Television to repeat what you wrote on paper?

    Jeffery, keep your mind focus on the job as a reporter not as a tabloid.

  2. Very surprised to see a Libluver give PMSH kudos when Iffy has railed non-stop on how Harper has let Canadians down re: education.
    Education is one of Iffy's big platform planks....

    Of course, there is nothing about Canada Iffy likes, he's been here 4 years and hangs his head in shame on a daily basis.
    Our flag looks like a beer label, our military are Herbivourian Boyscouts..

    Today he is again/still/as usual ashamed of Canada...something to do with security costs for the G8-20 meetings.

    Tomorrow, oh who knows, maybe he will be ashamed of Canada for the high fat content in poutine, and it's all Harper's fault, and a national unity issue.

  3. Huh, I guess hell has frozen.


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