Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another Unhappy Liberal

Liberal blogger, Jeff Jedras expresses how unhappy he is.
Sure, we’ll tank the next election. But then, new leader! Valhalla! Small price to pay!
I’ve had it. I’ve had enough. I’ve had it with the petty games and the back-stabbing and the power-plays. We’ve been running on this same hamster wheel of bull since the 1980s, so you think we’d get a freaking clue at some point. But I’m sure they’re convinced no, I thought it was wrong when Chretien’s people did it to Turner, or Martin’s people to Chretien, or everyone’s people to Stephane Dion, but me, ME, no I’m on the side of the angels! I’m the righteous one!
No. You’re not. You’re really not.
We have a leader. His name is Michael Ignatieff. And unlike some people, I stay loyal to our leader, whether he was my guy or not. And let’s face facts. Had we finished a proper leadership race Ignatieff would have won it handily. Yes, he hasn’t performed well. Frankly, he has disappointed me too. He has made mistakes. But he’s showing signs of learning, of making the right decisions on where we need to go, and how we need to get there. But make no mistake: it’s going to be a long road. And no leader can get us there alone.
The only way we’re going to get there isn’t through the Hail-Mary quick fix of a merger, or those that hope to exploit such talk because they think they, somehow, can do better, or just think it’s their turn. We’ve been looking for easy answers for years now. THERE ARE NONE. If someone says there are, they’re lying to you.
What it’s going to take is long, hard work. What it’s going to take is everyone on board, on the team, rowing in the same direction. And if you don’t have the patience to do the hard work, or if you think your personal ambition is more important than the team, then I don’t have time for you, because you are part of the problem.
Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way.
Yikes!  Jeff is really an unhappy Liberal camper! Wow, if they're more Liberals out there that feel the same way, that party IS in trouble!


  1. All he has to do is stop donating.No big deal.

  2. Actually if there was more Liberals like Jeff the party would turn around; I doubt there is.

  3. Boo Hoo. The Liberals have been out of power for 4 short years, and they are willing to blow it all up for another stab at power.

    Looks good on 'em..


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