Thursday, June 17, 2010

Don Newman,Take Note of Lindsay Blackett, Canadian TV is Crap!

Lindsay Blacklett, Alberta Minister of Culture says it like it is.
"I sit here as a government representative for film and television in the province of Alberta and I look at what we produce, and if we're honest with ourselves … I look at it and say, 'Why do I produce so much shit? Why do I fund so much crap?'" Blackett told the panel, to ripples of laughter.
I bet Don Newman strongly disagrees with Mr. Blackett. Canadian TV IS crap! Especially CBC pushing the left wing agenda. Why do you think Canadians turn to American television and the internet for news and entertainment?
Don Newman yesterday on P&P tried defend why we still need "crap" on our Canadian TV and not something of quality like Kory Teneycke of Quecbor is spearheading, a new kind of media,Suntvnews. A new news source that will bring balance and patriotism. Something that will engage the public and not be boring like our current media. Finally something I'm sure Canadians will turn to and not the CRAP we have now.

More from Dave Rutherford about this on the 9:00am segment of his show today.

I don't often agree with many ministers in the Stelmach government but Minister Lindsay Blackett should be commended for stating the obvious. Go Lindsay!

Update: Dave Rutherford speaks to Minister Blackett himself on the above statement he made. Stands by it except for maybe using the "S" word. Listen at about the 10:40 am mark after Stockwell Day on the Air India Inqiry Report. Dave also talks to Chris Waddel and Kory right after the 10:00 am news about Suntvnews.


  1. Don Newman is by an order of magnitude the most Liberal biased reporter in Canada. In fact, I had never heard of "Blogging Tories" until one day a couple of years ago I Googgled something like "Don Newman bias" and voila, up came a search result that led me to the Blogging Tories site which I have read ever since. For him to say that he doesn't snicker and make condescending remarks about Conservatives is ludicrous, and he is not credible, and he proves it every time he opens his ancient mouth.

  2. With his constant attempt to defend the cbc, one of these times someone will ask, where was your coverage of adscam, the climategate scam, the strangling of a protester by JC. Where was the cbc in getting at the facts re the golf course, sending unprepared troops to Afghan without a vote, and so many more scandals.
    Guess he thought by avoiding those things he would get a senate seat when he retired.

  3. There are very few tv shows/films produced in Canada that meet world standards. This is why our "stars" go south - opportunity and cash. Name a performer or actor that was able to stay in the Canadian entertaiment market and still be a global star? And I don't count the Quebec market - its unique and serves a captive audience. Cheers.

  4. It is time to hold CBC CTV to account for their deliberate lies and manipulation.

  5. Jen said...

    It is time to hold CBC CTV to account for their deliberate lies and manipulation.

    I agree! Perhaps, the new Sunnews will shame them. I hope Suntvnews does what Fox does, point out the lies and manipulation of the other media to the public. Can't wait for them to go to air.

  6. It is crap, but then so is most U.S. television. Ever since programming executives found out how profitable reality TV is they have dragged television content to a level so low that it is beyond belief.
    Of course, since all you get on Canadian news broadcasts is socialist, left-wing dogma that makes it worse than American TV.

  7. Powell, the media is boring, you can turn them off and next year you will still hear the same dreay tune "i hate conservatives kindda stuff and i love the liberals and coalition. Jane will still be there as 'queen of tabloids'

  8. I ditched domestic TV (cable and over-the-air sources). It's crap and the news is so irrelevant. all puff-pieces and no serious analysis.

    If I could subscribe only to sunnews or even buy a subscription to stream it over the internet, I would!


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