Thursday, June 24, 2010

Heads Should Roll

Should it be CBC heads or CSIS Director Richard Fadden? Norman Spector points out that CBC sat on that interview for some time.
Here in Canada, on the other hand, we’ve just seen the worst in journalism, with the CBC’s broadcast of an interview in which CSIS Director Richard Fadden states that a number of Canadian politicians are influenced by foreign states. Now, politicians and pundits are criticizing Mr. Fadden for making this statement. And calls for his resignation are being heard across the land.
How does the broadcast of this interview reflect the worst in journalism, you ask?
Buried within Colin Freeze and Ian Bailey’s fine report of the interview fallout in Thursday’s Globe and Mail, we read: “The timing of the CBC interview was not Mr. Fadden’s choice. This spring, CBC approached him to repeat remarks he had made at a private, but videotaped, speech at the Royal Canadian Military Institute. The public broadcaster kept the interview in its back pocket until it broadcast the exclusive this week.”
In other words, CBC sat on the explosive interview for weeks, if not months. And it chose to make the interview public on the eve of a state visit to Canada by China’s President Hu, and on the eve of a summit to be attended both by him and by the Prime Minister of India.
Shame on the people who made that judgment. Heads should roll all right – heads at the CBC.
Even though CBC had sat on that interview, Fadden shouldn't have made a statement like that in public that he later backtracks on.
Makes you wonder why CBC waited to to air that interview on the eve of the G8 and G20 summits. Worst in journalism? Norman Spector is right on.
Heads roll? You bet! Again, Norman Spector's got it right, heads at CBC should roll. CSIS director Fadden? I think so. He's got some splainin' to do so does CBC for that matter as far as I'm concerned. Kudo's to Globe and Mail and Norman Spector for calling CBC out!

Update: Dave Rutherford talks about this on his show. It is a must listen. Starts about 9:00am goes to on after the bottom of the hour news.


  1. CBC is embarrassing Canada on the world stage. Scrap CBC and let SunTV and CTV cover the news.
    Even Penny Collonette scolded CBC on Evan Soloman's panel yesterday for sitting on the interview. When long time Liberals are questioning the ethics of Brian Stewart and Peter Mansbridge, the stink from CBC must be too high to ignore.

  2. Scrap CBC and let SunTV and CTV cover the news.

    Amen! Mothercorp keeps spewing out crap with our money! Time to shut them down. I sure hope Senator Duffy gets answers he's looking for about CBC.

  3. How bout we scrap television altogether? Gosh I hate the brainless aspects of modernity.

  4. God save us from the so-called elite in this country.

  5. The only way I could see justifying delaying a news story would be to fact check and get more accurate information, but the CSIS boss retracted his statement within 24 hours of it being made public.

    It does seem really wierd that the CBC would sit on this story. When did they actually physically conduct the exclusive interview? Has the CBC issued a public statement as to why they waited so long?

  6. It does seem really wierd that the CBC would sit on this story.

    It does,Iceman. It just seems suspicious to me.

  7. Ignatieff is in China?

    Is the CBC helping to dump Ignatieff?

    How do you sit on a story for months that is considered "explosive" to about Canadian politicans under the influence of foreign power.

    BC Premier is unhappy.

  8. Margo Macdermit was just on the CBC talking about how much everyone is enjoying the reflection pool (aka fake lake). It is fast becoming a very popular tourist destination and place of gathering within the media pavilion.

  9. Does anyone else wonder why the CSIC boss would come out of the clear blue and make that statement if there was no proof or strong suspicions. I want to know who put the squeeze on him to retract his original statement..

    Rob C

  10. Far be it for me to interfere a good rant against the Devil's broadcaster with actual facts and reality, but for what it's worth, in case anyone cares about the truth anymore:

    “Not so. In fact the critical interview between Peter Mansbridge and Richard Fadden was only conducted Monday afternoon. That is Monday of this week. The portion that caused all the controversy aired the next evening."


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